[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] ParaSwap

this very awsome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

This is the strongest proposal we’ve seen in gov fund phase 1: Voting YES

Value-add: Quality project/community move to Op; Good incentives for projects in Op ecosystem
Amount: Reasonable (for good project with traction)
Op distribution: Unique + long-term value-add
Co-incentives: Strong matching

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nice project paraswap

i will try paraswap for the first time

Its a great project and definitely has my vote

Voted : Yes

Reason:- most of the asked OP is going towards app integration and development on the OP ecosystem which is a positive move in long term rather than focusing on short term liquidity reward.

Now, I am requesting your feedback on these of my ideas. Feedback is two-way approach, you help us and we help you.

This proposal is one of the best proposals I’ve seen in this space. Paraswap is an established brand that brings a lot of value to the DeFi space. Having Paraswap join the Optimistic space is a strategic partnership that will benefit both Optimism and Paraswap.

The proposed OP distribution is selfless and will serve a high level of public good.

It’s an easy YES for me.


Paraswap great project will do wonders for OP and probably the #2 best proposal this round

paraswap is a great project

Paraswap good project and proposal, I like how you are not doing liquidity rewards. I think there is only like 2 projects u guys and Infinity wallet that are the only projects not asking for liquidity rewards or funds to develop your venture and you happen to be probably the two most known platforms here :heart:

Thanks for your time on this proposal! I’m abstaining from the vote since my husband is the co-founder of 0x also working on DEX aggregation and I’d like to avoid potential conflicts.

I love the sustainability that comes with protocol-owned liquidity.

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This is an informative and detailed proposal with a great amount of value added to the ecosystem. Paraswap has a great track record and the $OP will be used to encourage adoption from developers which is more helpful than LM. We have voted yes.

paraswap is a great project, welcome to Op!!!

I was interested in this Proposal, and I will try to use ParaSwap for swap my token a little bit

I hope to see you on optimism

voted Yes to paraswap

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I will be voting in favor of the Paraswap proposal.

The main reasons are:

  1. Paraswap is a useful DEX aggregator in mainnet and would love to see it in Optimism
  2. Reasonable~ish ask. ($235,800 at current prices)
  3. I like the token distribution. Biggest part of this will go to dApp develops for integration of paraswap swap.
  4. The project will also offer co-incentives.

We are voting yes on this proposal. Reasons are: incentiving more integrations and permanent liquidity is a good cause, we will follow these very closely to know the status of these plans. Then, Reasonable amount requested.

@Oxytocin please update the proposal including the L2 recipient address to avoid any possibility of confusion.

If the spam filter hides your post or similar again, let us know and we’ll quickly ping the admins. You can proceed with confidence.

I’ll vote YES :white_check_mark:

Project quality: High - well known project with real users,
Team quality: High
Amount requested: Reasonable
OP distribution: Reasonable - Multiple purposes - no pure liq mining