[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] ParaSwap

dex is future, huge crowd entry soon

I strongly support this proposal. Paraswap on Optimism will help protocols like Symphony Finance to provide better prices to their users. Similarly, other builders can also build on top of Paraswap to provide better prices.

The OP token distribution plan written in the proposal is also good for other builders. This can lead to new protocols joining the Optimism ecosystem.


Adding my support. Balancer has a very good relationship with Paraswap and I believe they will be a valuable addition to the Optimism ecosystem. With most of the OP incentives going towards integrations it ensures the positive effects will be felt far into the future. Using the remainder for POL is also far better than wasting it on temporary liquidity mining and establishes permanent PSP liquidity on Optimism.

@Oxytocin you can change the status from Draft to live. You have my support.
Reason:- most of the asked OP is going towards app integration and development on the OP ecosystem which is a positive move in long term rather than focusing on short term liquidity reward.


Great proposal that could bring good value! Btw I think its supposed to be [READY] instead of [LIVE].

I was thinking you should maybe increase the request amount to make sure you can attract more dapps and developers to integrate ParaSwap. If OP continues to drop your request could be too little.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I was considering this, but since itโ€™s possible to do more proposals I was thinking of just requesting another one once we go live on OP. Iโ€™ll see what delegates have to think about this once the vote is being discussed!


Thank you for saying this, i would encourage this attitude.

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I agree with this proposal and I use ParaSwap regular as its a great platform.

Thank you for the detailed proposal.

I echo @OPUser in saying that I find the fact that you intend to use most of the OP for dapp integration of paraswap swaps in optimism very nice and that makes me want to support the proposal.

I have also used paraswap a few times and would like to see it in optimism.


Btw you forgot to change to READY :laughing: Voting Cycle #2: Roundup - #4 by cryptouser42

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I think may be time zone difference. Might be sleeping.


Fixed, just forgot to press save :melting_face:


this makes a lot of sense in lights of the new PSP v2 tokenomics.
so, i am happy.

good service :revolving_hearts:
I hope to see you on optimism

ready go ,I hope to see you

awesome. i love this

Vote is live : Snapshot

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a good news in bear market

Vote for Paraswap GL guys!

Created a gnosis multisig wallet! Currently looking to add more signers, but this is the address: 0x1408943dc88CCe60Bc5991879AD9AAF25df44d89

I would add it to the main post, but I am worried itโ€™s going to get caught by the spam filter like last time.