[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] OptiChads NFT Project

Thanks D, I didn’t expect you to remove the full development allocation, Just to be clear I’m not against development funds but my understanding is, it needs to be for development yet to be done, that has the potential to increases users on Optimism.


All good. I’m happy to set funds to 100% it might show the community that we are more serious while making things easier. If we are sucessfull than royalties will be more than enough to keep us going. We actually are developing a female collection in the future but i’m not sure how to use funds for development without violating the no sale rule. Opensea will be integrating Optimism nfts soon so the community is hoping that projects will see a significant boost in secondary sales to make these ventures profitable.

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Proposal changed to [REVIEW] I have made changes to the proposal incorporating everyones feedback.

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Hi @Dicaso , thank you for this proposal.

Could you please summarize all feedback that this proposal and got so far.

review submissions manually through the platform

who will take this task ? you/your team or quest3 team ?

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Very exciting proposal.

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Our team will perform manual review of the submissions. Most of the feedback (on and off the forum) has been people inquiring about the mechanics of Quest3 and asking about verification and things like how we would avoid sybil.The biggest change we made was following the template more closely as Butterbum requested and changing allocations to 100%

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Our team will perform manual review of the submissions

Appreciate your manual effort. Will support this proposal.

fyi on the dev funding part:- Discord


That is a nice catch and good suggestion to direct 100% of the funds to incentives/marketing.

@Dicaso thanks for modifying. Although operational costs are not covered by this fund, this fund does actively encourage requests to fund net new development work (categorized as: dev costs)

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This is a well thought out and innovative strategy to drive growth on Optimism. It is a unique application of DeFi on-chain incentives but in this case applied to an Optimism native NFT project which is in my opinion much stickier than DeFi as these projects are community oriented in nature and so I would expect to see higher user retention rates. I would also be interested in the possibility of calculating a new user acquisition cost as I see that being quite low as well.

The only concern I have is that certain users will try to game the system and collect a majority of the rewards. Maybe there is a way to tie the maximum amount of rewards to the number of Opti-Chads owned per wallet to facilitate a more even distribution? No need to come up with a solution just food for thought.

I am happy to support this proposal, as personally it sores quite high for me on the grading criteria we have laid out as the NFT and Gaming Governance Committee:

  • The ROI potential of funding each proposal (we want to use our $OP as efficiently as possible. The winner of the L2 wars will be decided ultimately by how efficiently the network can allocate capital)
  • Is the proposal prescriptive enough to prevent mis-use of $OP token funding and does it drive sustainable ecosystem growth?
  • Amount of OP requested (with ROI taken into account)
  • Whether or not the project has launched on Optimism (and if OP native)

Hi @Dicaso , I was reading thread and would like to hear your opinion on two suggestion.

  1. Please dont forget to summarize the feedback and changes your have got so far.
  2. I see that this giveaway is native NFT gated. What do you think about letting users without NFT participate in this campaign too, rank them on the basis of their activity and reward top 50 or 100 by giving a Optichad NFT. You can also consider this as a co-incentives.

Here is an example:-

I assume these task are health related activities, so,

  1. NFT holder :- they just need to complete that specific task
  2. Other users:- their ranking will increase proportional to number of time they are doing that specific task in that defined period.

This of course will increase your manual work but impact could be significantly higher.


@OPUser We can giveaway 50 NFTs to the top addresses with the most Rewards Points (RP) based on quest completion at the end of the campaign. We would ideally start with simple and attainable challenges like “10 pushups with good form” and the platform would reward the same amount of RP based soley on completion.

I do think it would be technically difficult to do anything without NFT gating. The way RP is calculated they would have to finish the quests (thus earning $OP) before being counted. Requiring ‘stake’ in the ecosystem by holding an NFT would reduce sybil by magnitudes.

Will do a summary post thanks for the reminder!

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We have added 50 NFTs as co-incentives - suggested by @OPUser. We will now use 100% of requested $OP as rewards for NFT holders who complete the quests, instead of 90%. Portions of texts were removed and edited to reflect this. - suggested by @mteoptimism and @Butterbum.

Summary: Feedback has been mostly positive with most questions about how we would address sybil, and how Quest3 works. I mentioned that we can apply filters such as NFT gating, as well as off-chain verification like a Twitter/Discord follow .The team will manually review all submissions. We will now reward 50 NFTs as coincentives to the most active users.The proposal was changed from [DRAFT] to [REVIEW] a few days ago.


I’m definitely willing to review submissions carefully, as I will be engaging in the activities as well, to help lead by example. This proposal will help bring new users in. I was talking about it today at work and I cannot tell you how excited my coworkers were. None of them own NFT’s or have crypto wallets. But when I explained that I was part of a proposal that could fund other people around the world to work out, their eyes widened. They asked all kinds of questions. They wanted to be involved. This is exactly the type of thing we should want to put out there and use as a success story.


Before September 22, 2022 3:00 PM ET to be included in snapshot voting you will need to add links to your delegate approvals here:

Provided your proposal has received explicit approval comments from two delegates with >0.5% voting power, as outlined in the Operating Manual , please use the below format to list your proposal in a reply to this post.

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FWIW As an Optimism delegate [Delegate Commitments - #36 by Butterbum]with voting power of 0.44% I believe this proposal is ready.


I am an Optimism delegate [Delegate Commitments - #26 by OPUser] with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Love this Can’t Wait For Update

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As an Optimism delegate with voting power above the required threshold I believe this proposal is ready. Delegate Commitments - #71 by MoneyManDoug


NFT and Gaming Committee voting recommendation: Yes


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Cute idea kinda. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Support this proposal.