[DRAFT] [GF: PHASE 1 Proposal] Myoptiboyz NFT

Project name: MyOptiBoyz NFT

Author name:Sumit on behalf of Myoptiboyz NFT

L2 recipient address:

Grant category: NFTs & Gaming

Number of OP tokens requested: 10,000

Is/will this project be open sourced? Yes. We are CC0.

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: Yes

Is this proposal applicable to a specific committee? Yes

Project description: A 2555 PFP Cool Boyz, project encouraging Cool Health , Good Looking & Wellness in Web3.

Project links: MyOptiBoyz NFT 🔴✨ | Quix


Additional team member info: There’s Have only one man on team , AngrySumit#6512 he is the Artist & Dev , we are not a popular known on OP NFT . just trying to learn more about OP Ecosystem OP NFT community.

Relevant usage metrics:

472 Unique Holders

350 Trades

0.29 E Trading Volume

Smart Contract:

The Contract Address:

Optimism native? Yes.

Ecosystem Value Proposition:

Our focus is improving Our Youngers and teenagers Boyz Coolest personalty & Wellness in Web3 through our art. We have a very active and passionate community of Boyz focused on self improvement in and out in Selfies or through some videos , Through community efforts such as giveaways and challenges, we want to grow some more to be near of the top NFT projects on Optimism . As we scale we plan to introduce more and more benefits to our holders such as fitness and wellness/mental health counseling, Show the priority and Joy of our teenagers boyz , The art was hand drawn with generated by myself with attention to detail in mind - with the goal of bringing more normal users, as well as degenerates into Optimism. we are a community of like minded fitness and to be Handsome lovers and are working to bring more users into Optimism with our existing relationships and by building new ones. Optimism cannot succeed without a vibrant NFT community. NFTs bring new entrants into the ecosystem, hype, and stickiness. These are things we need to develop and foster together!

"Proposal for token distribution:"

We’ve partnered with https://quest3.xyz/ a Web3 Quest and event platform, and will use their service to do a series of fitness related contests where we can reward our NFT holders OP provided they completed the tasks. The Quest3 incentives would be the first of their kind, essentially the NFT community’s equivalent to DeFi’s incentivized liquidity mining as I see it. For verification we are able to review submissions manually through the platform before rewards are dispersed.We plan to use some of the funds to set a reward of 1 OP for users who follow our social media channels.This direct marketing approach is a more effective and efficient use of capital by leveraging Web3. The result should be exponential growth and awareness, and a positive network effect. We would like to have a series of weekly quests over a period of 2 months, beginning with a contest that rewards holders who have done a certain amount of steps, followed by a Wear a Sunglass and they Looking Cool like our nfts chalange and the next week, etc.


this collection is awesome!

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It they got fund they can do more better. Op team should need to look at this and help small community to grow. Atleast allot some small op token team

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