[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Cycle 3 Proposal] Infinity Wallet

Infinity Wallet is a fully developed and established platform looking to expand support for Optimism. So the focus of the proposal is entirely on supporting the Optimism ecosystem in the Infinity Wallet, working with Optimism DApps and developers on integrating their projects into the Infinity Wallet, and providing overall exposure, usage and adoption of Optimism.

The token usage would be split into the proportions below, which are all targeted on raising awareness and ease of use of the Optimism ecosystem:

  • 20% for Optimism marketing campaigns, which primarily benefit Optimism by distributing the Optimism token to new holders from over 150,000 Infinity Wallet users, via various airdrops and activities;

  • 40% for DApp developers that deploy on Optimism and work with Infinity Wallet to receive a reward, incentivizing additional DApp development on Optimism.

  • 40% for ongoing Optimism support and continued DApp integrations. Thereby directly benefitting Optimism DApps by allowing us to waive our usual fee for Optimism DApp integrations. In addition to working with our partners to provide support for Optimism to be as easy as possible to onboard to, as it is for our other supported chains;

As a multi-chain infrastructure project / wallet ecosystem, Infinity Wallet is one of the core elements for usage and access to the crypto ecosystem. As such this makes Infinity Wallet one of the fundamental points for the potential awareness, onboarding and usage of Optimism as detailed in this proposal.