Question on confused part of the constitution

The quoted section in blue “OP Holders may:
Remove a director of the Optimism” what might be a possible cause of this and how could it be done?


That is indeed an excellent question. From what I understood, down the road, OP ecosystem will be govern by its two pillars, OP Holder and Citizen.

Now, cause can be anything, imagine a scenario where a Board of Director is not working in accordance with OP governance, In that case, a proposal can be raised in front of these two pillars.

and for how, I would assume, voting from both pillars.

But as its already mentioned by OP constitution, this is their long goal. For initial project steering, this is not possible which is totally justifiable.


Thanks for you explanations, I can understand you well. I will wait and look how it’ll unfolds.

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Interesting point @Olawalesh2
What will be the mechanism to propose the removal of a director when the actions of that Director are against the Optimism Vision? I think that at the same time the Governance for OP is being built, this kinda of things too. Let’s see how this plays out :thinking:


or,this is such a good suggediton for the future

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