Proof of Impact Thread 🧵

IMPACT OVER PROFIT :partying_face:

That is our motto!

We want to spread this message across the world!

So we have created this “Proof of Impact” thread :sewing_needle: allowing the OP community to freely discuss & share their innovative ideas, experiences, and documentation of initiatives that make an impact on the world :world_map:

We want to set a positive example by leading the way.

In round #2 of Retro PGF we received a reward of OP tokens that has helped us in our journey to build a platform for other important impact makers in web3.

This thread :thread: will allow for members of the OP community to share their proof of impact any time they want.

This can become an easier way for those who are passionate about public goods to share their ideas :bulb: & gain some extra exposure with the rest of the Optimism community.

We will provide the first examples here.

  1. Here are a number of our personal art projects that all donate money :moneybag: directly to the RetroPGF.eth address for Optimism network displayed on the Flipside analytics platform.
  1. Here is the total amount of donations from these charts that have bent sent directly to RetroPGF.eth displayed using a Dune analytics chart.

Hopefully :crossed_fingers: this will inspire others to compile data driven content related to their own projects to show off each teams proof of impact in some way, shape, or form.

We all hold ourselves accountable at the end of the day when it comes to how much impact we can make in the world.

It’s all about the contribution that an individual person or organization has made in the past. If you’re curious as to how this concept works please :pray: read this article cowritten by Vitalik Buterin about Retroactive Public Goods Funding to give yourself a better understanding of the process.

Once again if you feel called to provide your own information :information_source: & contribute to this proof of impact thread please :pray: do !!!

We are looking forward to seeing all of the fellow members of the Optimism community contribute towards the greater good of the collective by giving back to the ecosystem they are a part of which will create more sustainable development opportunities for new builders who join us in the future.

Together we can build a better world. :earth_asia::earth_americas::earth_africa:


Wow, this is amazing I really don’t know how to use Duhne analytics and it’s my first time trying to understand how the RPGF work.
So how can we help, I think that if we feed more this analytic with another projects that also were funded it’s going to be easier for us to understand how it’s better for help and also distribute the merit around the globe and really care where do we need to double down in projects.

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Please :pray: let me know if you hear of anything!

We need more regenerative financing in the world that is utilizing blockchain technology to measure & display our accomplishments onchain. In the traditional world it is very difficult to show your impact if you have contributed towards something because there is no on chain ledger to create transparency.

I have been studying :open_book: the Optimism network since early 2021 as a result of my blockchain development education.

I’m thankful for the teachings that brought me to the Gitcoin & Optimism ecosystem. We are proud to be contributing towards this important initiative of sustainability.