Partner Fund Overview

Growing the Optimism Ecosystem with the Partner Fund

The Partner Fund’s mission is to grow Optimism’s ecosystem for the benefit of the entire Collective. In a vast majority of cases, the targeted projects are already successful in crypto and looking at deploying and/or scaling on Optimism.

The partners that apply for a grant are reviewed by the Foundation. Partner Fund grants are negotiated on a one-by-one basis and support the overarching goal to build a thriving ecosystem for developers. Areas of work include Defi, NFTs, DAOs as well as large scale usage growth for the ecosystem.

Grants are structured in one of two ways:

  • User incentives: Grants are directly distributed to users of the project on the Optimism ecosystem (e.g., liquidity mining, rewards…)
  • Project Grant: These grants have a 1 year token lockup, after which point they may used to support operational costs.

The Foundation receives a large number of applications and is only able to support a select few that align with its objectives.

To apply: