The main differences between the Partner and the Seed fund?

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Recently I have been trying to map out the Optimism Collective and its stakeholders in a flowchart. Something that is not clear to me is what the exact purpose is of the Partner and the Seed funds which the OP foundation administers.

Since that BASE received around 10 million (1-year vest) & 106 million (6-year vest) OP grants from the Seed fund. Therefore, I was wondering what the main difference is between the Partner and the Seed fund is that the OP Foundation Administers.

Hope to receive some answers from the OP community soon!

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GM @0xR!

The Seed Fund may be used to bring projects/teams from 0 → 1, particularly for projects that are entirely focused on building Optimism.

The Partner Fund may make grants used to provide tooling to the Optimism community, bring applications to OP Mainnet, promote education, experiment with liquidity mining programs, drive consumer usage, and/or support Optimism’s governance system.


Hi @brichis !

Found my answers, Thank you again for being so helpful!

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