Optimism NumbaNERDs Discord Call MoM Thread

Hello Optimists,

I’m creating this thread as the official repository for the NumbaNERDs meeting minutes. This will enable us to track action items and revisit prior discussions efficiently.

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Title: NumbaNERDs Discord Call - 1

Date & Time: February 6th, 2024, 10:00 - 11:00 AM CT

Attendees: Approximately 18 Participants

Call driven by: vonnie610

1. Posting the Grants Misuse Reporting Process Infographic

The Grants Misuse Reporting Process infographic was discussed and successfully posted on the forum.

Here is the link: Grant Misuse Reporting Process - #13 by Chain_L

2. Grant Misuse Verification Process

Review of the steps involved:

  • Stop to look at updates of the grant for context.

  • Verify the starting address or the address that received the grants.

  • Follow tokens from the received address to tokens today, delving into the details of grant usage.

  • Determine if it meets the criteria of misuse.

3. Via Protocol Grant Misuse Report Deep-dive and Sample Run

Basic steps for investigation were outlined:

  • Checking if the grant proposal was passed.

  • Following on-chain transactions on Optimism Etherscan.

  • Checking Twitter accounts for announcements.

  • Conducting an objective verification of the Grants Misuse Reports.

4. Queries and Concerns

  • Report Writing and Verification: NumbaNERDs can collaborate to create reports. Reports will not be assigned to specific individuals, allowing proactive participation. Validation of reports is limited to NumbaNERDs.

  • Preserving Anonymity: Reporters and NumbaNERDs are responsible for maintaining their own anonymity. Consideration was given to using a common account for posting reports.

  • Objective Criteria for Becoming a NumbaNERD: Proposal to create a framework where potential NumbaNERDs progress from “wannabe NumbaNERDs” to “NumbaNERDs-in-training” and eventually to full-fledged NumbaNERDs.

Action Items:

  • Develop a framework for transitioning potential NumbaNerds to full-fledged NumbaNerds.

  • Consider the implementation of a common account for posting reports to preserve anonymity.

Next Meeting: TBD

Minutes Prepared by: Hirangi Pandya

Date: February 7th, 2024