Optimism Fractal Second Meeting

Hey all, we’re stoked to invite you to the second Optimism Fractal meeting! :sunflower:

Optimism Fractal is a new community dedicated to fostering collaboration and awarding public good creators on Optimism. In our first meeting we gave an introductory presentation about Optimism Fractal, helped to grow Optimism by playing the Respect Game, and successfully tested the new OP Fractal tools! :raised_hands:t4:

The next Optimism Fractal meeting will be on Monday, Oct 30th at 17 UTC and everyone interested in Optimism is welcome to join. This meeting provides a great place where you can network with amazing creators and earn Respect by sharing what you’ve done to help the Optimism Collective :red_circle:

We encourage you to RSVP on the event page and watch the first episode. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Hope to see you there! :sun_with_face: