Optimism Community Call Recaps & Recordings Thread

Community Call #21: June 6, 2023

Recording link: delegate_recording_june_6_2023.mp4 - Google Drive


  • Updates for Season 4:
    • Season 4 will be from June 8th to September 20th. June 8th is the date for submitting proposals for feedback, June 21st is the hard deadline, then by the 28th those missions will need four delegates’ approvals in order to be eligible for voting. So get going people!
    • Useful information on RetroPGF2: RetroPGF2 learning Blog Post. It’d be a good opportunity to give feedback going to RPGF3.
    • Check the slides for the Alliance forming workshop, great explanation of what it is, intents, missions, etc.
  • RFPs: Requests for Proposals:
    • One important thing for the missions and the season is the request for proposals, here’s the link: RFPs . They go through different categories, check the dates for the projects on the site.
  • Optimism Co-Granting:
  • Grants Council: Grants Council Cycle 13
    • Grants council twitter: OptimismGrants
    • Two AMAs this week:
      • Wednesday, June 7 · 9:00 – 10:00am (LA PDT time zone) and 16:00-17:00 (UTC) – Link for video call!
      • Thursday, June 8 · 5:00 – 6:00am (LA PDT time zone) and 12:00 - 13:00 (UTC) – Link for the video call!
      • Season 3 vs Season 4:
        • Season 4 will be a 3-cycle program rather than 2-cycle
        • Managerial positions added (RPGF, Operations, and Comms)
        • New platform for the submission of proposals using CharmVerse for a smoother process
    • Any community feedback is more than welcomed! (and needed) Season 3 Rubrics
      • The Rubrics for this season will be proposed shortly in their own post
    • Check the council experiments forms and Grants council builders forms: Cycle 13 Builders Form Cycle 13 Experiments Form
  • The Grants Council is planning on putting out requests for grants, it’ll be its own system. More information will come up soon.
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