Optimism Badgeholder Speed Networking Event

Hello Badgeholders! :red_circle: :sparkles:

After a fellow badgeholder mentioned that it would be cool to have a speed networking event where the badgeholders can get to know each other a little bit, I decided to make it a reality!

The event:
A zoom call where we will have a series of 5-minute 1on1 breakout sessions to meet other badgeholders.

Why join?
Optimism badgeholders are a diverse group of rock-stars that are all making on impact in Ethereum ecosystem. This event gives us a chance to get to know some of our fellow badgeholders and the work that they are doing.

The event will take place next Tuesday at 17:00 UTC which is the same time slot as the delegate community calls. Hope to see you there!

Zoom Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Michael :slight_smile:


Very cool :sunglasses: I was wondering :thought_balloon: if there will be a special badge holder retreat someday in the future. Now everyone can get to know each other before meeting IRL. The importance of these meetings can actually add a lot of value to the ecosystem by having members of the citizens house further aligned with the optimistic vision of the collective.

Iā€™m even more interested to see matchmaking results perhaps :thinking: if there are actual badge holder matches announced or a description on how these relationships will grow throughout the future summarized into segments for the public to view.

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