Joint House Call will be [Tuesday, May 21st @ 10:00PT / 13:00 ET / 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CET]

Hey Everyone!

Join us at this Joint House call where we will be having an AMA on future upgrades (fault proofs FTW) with OP Labs engineers & Retrofunding Round 4 discusssion!

Meeting link:

See you there.


Hi Michael! Will there be any space on the agenda for other topics at this call?

If so I’d love to introduce Optimism Town Hall, a new weekly event and collaborative forum dedicated to hosting impactful conversations about Optimism. This innovative event is pioneering interactive ways to optimize meeting time with fun social games that enable community members to prioritize topics, deliberate democratically, and form consensus on key issues by voting with onchain reputation tokens. Everyone is welcome to join the events to participate in governance discussions and help lead the Optimism Collective.

Please let me know if it would be possible for me to share a brief presentation about Optimism Town Hall at this community call or if another time would work better. Thanks!


Hey Dan!

Not sure if there is time for a presentation, the schedule is pretty busy, but I can have you plug it at the end of the call.

When is the first event?

Ok sounds good, thanks for letting me know and plug the town hall at the end of the call. The first event happened last week and the next event is happening this Thursday at 18 UTC. You can see the event page and find details about the Optimism Town Hall in this post if you’d like. I’m putting together an article that concisely summarizes the key points and will have it ready shortly.

Here is the introductory article that summarizes the key points about Optimism Town Hall.