OP Governance Call

why would we make it open for anyone to speak though? Mainly what we want is for delegates t coordinate better and I don’t think having the entire community speak on a call would help with that

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I think of a Community call as something different than a Delegate call. A Community call should be open for anyone to speak about governance issues and share their thoughts. A Delegate call is definitely something that can be organized as well, but I would like to keep the Governance call open for anyone in the community to speak and participate.


Hi @katie , thank you for this. I agree community call should be open but I am also skeptical that open call might lead this into something like twitch stream where we see more noise and filtering actual comment would be a difficult task.

I hope you are planning to moderate this at least for first couple of rounds.

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I’m happy to moderate, I wasn’t sure if there was someone else that would be interested but I have years of experience facilitating company wide All Hands calls so can definitely do this until someone else wants to step in :slight_smile:


Thank you for the infinite reliability of Optimism.

why dont we use discord?

I’m not familiar with Discord meetings. If you would like to set up the meeting via Discord feel free! Otherwise, if I’m scheduling it I will use Zoom since that’s what I’m comfortable with.

What about meeting in the middle (WRT to open/vs only delegates)?

In Discord we can use the stage. By default only the delegates will be able to unmute & talk, but general community can raise their hands (very similar to zoom/hangouts) then we can unmute them.

That way we still have community involvement but it does not get too noisy as @OPUser mentioned, which is a real concern.

August 2nd 10am PT/1pm ET/7pm CET

This time works great for me, I am happy to sit quietly facilitating so you can focus on the content.

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Thanks for initiating this! I would prefer biweekly and Saturday. I hope you upload the call on Youtube for someone who can’t join this.

Hi all,

I’m sorry to be a pain in the behind, but is there any chance that the time can be shifted for future meetings?

I’m based on the east coast of Australia and the current meeting time is at 3am in the morning, which is neither a ‘late night’ nor an ‘early morning’.

Being based in this time zone, I’m used to odd hours to line up with overseas, but 3am is pretty hard to attend.

1am Sydney time or 5am Sydney time is far more appealing, i.e. a ‘late night’ or ‘early morning’ situation, but any shift would be greatly appreciated.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts? Does the current time work for all of you? If there are others who find this time slot tricky, please speak up, as it may convince the community to shift the time.

Thanks for your consideration.
Kind regards,

完全同意,最好每两周做一次 imo。很想赶上大家。