OP Bulletin: Blobptimism, protocol upgrades and more, March 7th 📰

EIP-4844 is almost here, protocol upgrades succeed and more in this week’s OP Bulletin.

TL;DR - top 5 of the week

  • Introducing RetroPGF rounds with narrow scope
  • Superchain Blob Cost Estimator launch
  • Protocol upgrade #5 and #6 move to Citizens House
  • Round 2 Mission Applications are fast approaching
  • OP Goerli will be fully decommissioned

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News

Superchain Blob Cost Estimator launches at ETHDenver

EIP-4844 is going live next week and gas fees per transaction are expected to greatly reduce. The Superchain Blob Cost Estimator is meant to give users an idea on how much blobs will save you as a user on OP Stack chains.

Go to welovetheblobs.xyz to check the savings estimator, check estimated savings on one of your previous transactions by accessing Michael’s post on Farcaster or share a link to welovetheblobs.xyz within your cast so others can check their savings inside of your cast.

Estimates are based on different assumptions, learn more about them.

Tonight OP Goerli will be fully decommissioned

OP Testnets migrate to Sepolia at 22:00 UTC. OP Goerli will no longer be maintained or updated by OP Labs engineers. This is the final day to migrate to OP Sepolia, following the upgrade guide.

Article: the OP Stack’s Fault Proof System

The OP Labs’ blog post explores the theory behind the bond mechanism in the OP Stack’s dispute game protocol. The OP Stack’s Fault Proof System uses dispute games to achieve decentralized fault detection. These games rely on bonds to encourage honest participation and accurate results.
Read the article

:newspaper: Governance News & proposals

:exclamation:Voting Cycle #20 Review Period starts today
:exclamation:Citizens’ House Cycle #19 Veto Period starts today

Protocol Upgrades #5 and #6 move to the Citizens House

Voting Cycle #19 concluded yesterday with Upgrade #5: Ecotone Network Upgrade and Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep L1 succeeding. These upgrade proposals will move to the Citizens House veto period, wherein any disagreeing Citizen can emit vetoes.

After passing this period, protocol upgrades would activate March 14th. The Ecotone network upgrade introduces breaking changes for wallets and front-end developers, chain operators, and node operators. Prepare for the upgrade following the documentation.

:dollar: Grant News

Introducing RetroPGF rounds with narrow scope

For the remainder of 2024, RetroPGF will experiment with smaller scoped rounds and pause the execution of broad scoped rounds. Based on learnings of previous rounds with a broad scope, the Optimism Collective hopes this will allow better understanding of what will be rewarded, implement different round design and a overall improved focus. Read the post.

Mission Applications are fast approaching

Round 2 is right around the corner!
Mission request submission period begins next Thursday, March 14th. Those interested in applying can prepare their submissions by reading the Charmverse and Mission Application Guide.
If you have any questions you can join the Grants Council Office Hours on Monday or ask your questions on the #mission-grants channel in the Optimism Discord.

Discussion: Building a private, on-chain, implementation for RetroPGF

@samajammin proposes adding private, bribery-resistant, on-chain voting for RetroPGF using MACI, a privacy-focused on-chain voting platform. MACI aims to ensure a secure process, improving transparency and potential for manipulation. You can check out the project’s progress, source code and provide feedback here.

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

Citizens House:

  • Protocol upgrade #5 and #6 will be available until the end of Cycle #19 Veto Period.

Upcoming Calls

  • Grants Council Office Hours [Monday, March 11th]
  • Collective Community Call [Tuesday, March 12th]
  • Code of Conduct Office Hours [Tuesday, March 12th]

You can add Optimism governance calls to your calendar here.

:red_circle::sparkles: Optimism Collective Resources

Useful resources to stay up to date

:saluting_face: Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Every week, we analyze new proposals, summarize discussions, and provide you with the tools to bring informed contributions to the Collective.

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GM @eugenia ! This bulletin is really comprehensive, congratulations! As a reader, I think it would be interesting to learn a bit more about how the Superchain is progressing. Also, I recommend creating a thread so readers can adjust their notifications to receive an alert every time you post a new bulletin.

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gm @brichis! thank you for your feedback! Will create the thread with this week’s Bulletin.