NFTEarth RPGF Appeal

You are intentionally trying to evade the documentation. You focused on the only two portions of this statement that were not substantiated. Click the links my dude.

The first link reveals your ban from Arbitrum grant programs and links to supporting evidence, none of which was addressed by your appeal after the unanimous vote to remove.

This thread on the Arbitrum forums provides and links to additional evidence:

A simple search of the Arbitrum forums also reveals evidence of:

None of this was addressed in your appeal or in your response.

You were the one who said that development had ceased following your ban from Arbitrum grants:

This is also when your account, the NFTEarth Account you control, the NFTEarth Alerts account you control, and your other alts all start tweeting exclusively about DREAM as well.

So once again, we’ve got probably the single most extensive string of evidence to point to wrongdoing in a project that this ecosystem has seen, it receives an unanimous vote to remove, only to be overruled on appeal on a statement that doesn’t address any of the above.

That is what we are here to talk about, please stop wasting our time.