My friend has made a mistake and transferred big amount of money to USDC contract

My friend has made a mistake and transferred big amount of money to USDC contract address in Optimism chain.
USDC contract : 0x7f5c764cbc14f9669b88837ca1490cca17c31607

Here is his original twitter post.

Previously, we already contacted Optimism team in Discord, the moderator informed us that tokens transferred to the contract address are not returnable.

Next, we contacted The Circle thru e-mail and their reply is also the same. Once the transaction has been made, they cannot be reversed.

On etherum mainnet, there is a USDC Funds Recovery Process form, that after fill up the form, there are a team that will help recover the fund.

However, in my friend’s case, it’s on Optimism. How we wish there are an easy solution as etherum mainnet.

Have any of you got into similar situations? Can anyone suggest us what should we do next? Whom should we contact? This is a big sum of money. My friend is so devastated. All advices are very much appreciated. Thank you.


Interestingly, if the we can recover USDC on ETH Mainnet as the prop said, why Optimism still can’t.

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I think there should be a solution ,when this kind of case happens on optimism. :sob:

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There should be some solution in this case


USDC, it’s not gone. The relevant team, please help find a way to get it back to him.

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According to this link : Centre Consortium Announces Release of USD Coin Version 2.1

  • Do we have a chance to recover fund?
  • After that, we can ask Circle/ Op to prohibit transfering USDC to this smart contract address.

are there any chance to solve this?

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I hope the team can recover his Usdc and make the crypto space a better place

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In my opinion. This case is good to find solution for recovery or tracking when user error and I think each channel discuss about validation smart contact before user transfer.

agreed. There must be some solution in this case.

… It’s a big deal. It’s your friend’s mistake, but I think the teams should check it out and deal with it. Then you will be able to build a deeper trust.

Agreed. $100,000 USDC is a lot of money. It’s his life saving. Imagine the suffering he has to get through. I know that he made a mistake but mistake happens now what’s the solution? Maybe the OP team can take a look at this case and cooperate with the Circle team to figure out something. He even said that he don’t need all of the funds. He will pay for his lesson in case the fund is retrieved. It’s not just about the money. It’s about his life.


The team should investigate and help him. Or come out and explain the process of the problem.

Decentralization is great and all. But we should find a way to help those who made honest mistakes.

It’s still a long way to go for crypto space, this issue definitely deserves a better solution.

And now is the best time to get started.

I think should have solution for this case.

this is a problem. It should be solved as soon as possible.
I hope this case won’t occur more in the next.
and I hope my friend can take them back all.

I don’t understand why or how you were able to make this mistake. I can understand if someone was scamming you but a bridge shouldn’t be able to send a token from one network to another into a incorrect contract! Who wrote the contract that you sent it to? Can’t you send them an ethmail or message thru the chain some how? Is there any way to make this bad contract on OP explorer to help warn other people? I just don’t understand how you could send it to a wrong contract. I thought I made the same mistake as you. When I first sent CRV tokens to OP address before the airdrop. But I guess I didn’t screw it up! I thought that all these contracts were standardize across platformer. Unless someone set up a scam contract like a “honey pot” to get you to send money to!

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Hopefully, your friend/You will be able to claim it. Why not? Have you got in touch with the team ?

Yes …they should comes with solution on this situations…If Ethereum could resolve this,OP should resolve…Hope your fund return safely…

Have you tried calling Circle? sometimes e-mail correspondance is not the best tool.