Locate Delegated Tokens

Hello all,

I received the intial airdrop and I proceeded to delegate my coins (or that’s what I thought at the time). I see in the explorer that I received the airdrop and then delegated to the OP contract 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042
I can’t for the life of me find these tokens. a check on balanceof for my wallet shows 0 tokens. I can’t find the delegate through agora to see tokens. Not sure if I messed up and sent my tokens to a scam address, if that’s the case i’d like to at least know. Can anyone here help me locate my tokens or assist in confirming if I was duped? Thanks!

Hi there,

I delegated to myself as an individual delegate, but from my understanding you should still have your OP in your wallet. I.e. Delegation doesn’t take the OP from your wallet, so if your wallet balance is 0 tokens then I fear they may have been lost or scammed.

Happy for anyone with more experiencing of delegating to external parties to correct me here, if my understanding is wrong.

Hey @geehold.

Share your address and I’ll happily take a look for you!