Karma - Grantee accountability+feedback thread

Is there any estimate on when delegate discovery will be fixed ?

Will delegate discovery be fixed with an ample amount of time prior to our next vote coming up ?

I see millions of OP tokens are being delegated to the members who show up on the delegate discovery app first. Meanwhile I have only gained a few hundred OP in delegation after actively campaigning on social media and within my own community.

I definitely do not see these other delegates posting about Optimism on their social media profiles on a daily basis. I also donโ€™t see them putting in any effort to comment on these forums. Are they being silent for a reason?

They put in zero effort to gain the tokens that are being delegated to them due to faulty UI that doesnโ€™t sort the newest or most active members of the forums.

I suggest a biweekly podcast & twitter spaces is hosted by OP radio to highlight delegates who have less than .5% voting power.

That may be another way to display the delegates in the interface as well that will help with discovery.

Otherwise it doesnโ€™t really make sense to have any sort of voting rights if the top delegates points keep snowballing. This has created an imbalance in the governance system. Anyone who has less than .5 % might as well give up hope.