Karma - Grantee accountability+feedback thread

Hey guys, I’ve been using

to know how voting weights are going. I decided to give it a try to your tool and I found out voting weights do not match.

I feel dune it’s correct, but I could be wrong.

voting weights = Share of Votable Supply


You are right. I know @bobby had told me to consider votable supply and not circulating supply, fixed it, please check now!


Looks perfect! I’m amazed be the speed of your answers and solutions! Dm me on discord Dhannte#1010 I think EthernautDAO should give you some EXP token.


Thank you, lot of credit goes to my teammates :pray:


Thanks for the detailed explanation! I’ll read it thoroughly

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We recently released a number of features to the delegate dashboard to improve the onboarding process for delegates and for token holders to find the right candidate to delegate their tokens in the DAO. I hope the community continues to find value in this dashboard.

Onboarding Flow

As a new or existing delegate, you can simply login with your wallet and add/update your delegate pitch and your skills.

Withdraw nomination

As a delegate, you might eventually decide to take a step back from the DAO. Until now, there was no way to indicate that you are not involved in the DAO and request token holders to not delegate to you. With this new feature, you can withdraw your nomination so no one can delegate their tokens to you through our dashboard.

Link social handles

We have made it really easy as a delegate to seamlessly link your twitter and forum handles in one place.

Inactive delegates

We have started marking delegates who have very voting percentage below 20% in the last 6 months as inactive. Token holders can still ignore this indicator and delegate if they choose to. We believe providing additional data will help token holders choose the right delegate.

As always, we would love to hear thoughts and feedback from the community and delegates.


Amazing :star_struck: I am checking this out ASAP…!

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Hi guys! I want to promote Karmahq so I decided to look at my user and I’m still Dhannte.eth. I change ens from Dhannte to Gonna. I don’t mind still being as Dhannte.eth I was just thinking this could have an update tool.


Thanks for letting me know. I just updated it to gonna.eth. We will regularly refresh ens names going forward, that should fix it. Thank you for promoting our tool too :pray:

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Hey, I really like the platform here and I wanted to give you some feedback on what I thought was really critical for agora and see if you could help with the discovery for delegates as well on your platform because I noticed that it also has a similar issue…

Hi @FractalVisions - You can sort delegates by Snapshot voting pct, you can filter and sort by time frame like lifetime, 90 days, 180days to surface delegates who fit various criteria. We track forum activity as well, we can turn that on to be able to see forum activity. Is your concern the default sort on page load is by voting power?

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First there is no ability to do a partial or full search for my delegate profile.

Is that only for the people who manually set them up on Karmahq ?

Similar to what we had to do on agora when creating our delegate commitment?

They had already aggregated the information :information_source: some how so at least my profile would appear if I entered the full ENS address.

The second thing is that there is not a way to sort delegates besides voting :ballot_box: weight and snapshot votes.

Once again favoring the members who have accumulated the most delegation points.

Keeping new delegates from being discovered who have not participated for as long as other members who may not be more active and involved in current discussions.

I guess that doesn’t even matter if new delegates don’t show up automatically.

This is really important to the fairness of the governance delegates that are new to the experience.

The snapshot votes :ballot_box: filter has become a bit obsolete seeing as how Agora will handle all the voting now.

The delegates that sit at the top ranks of Karmahq will continue to accumulate OP over other members due to an outdated system of recognition.

This is not an accurate reflection of the participants from the governance committee.

Search by ENS name and address works, I just searched yours and it’s there https://optimism.karmahq.xyz/profile/arthereum.eth#votinghistory. We will fix search by name.

We automatically created profiles by pulling from forum delegate statements, so you still show up even if you didn’t manually login to our dashboard and create your profile. We regularly add profiles from the forum.

We will integrate with new voting system so the voting participation is not obsolete.

What would you like to sort by?

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Maybe I’m missing something here when I search I certainly can’t find the page to the same link you posted.

Your address 0xC4FC57Dedd2463314A3fD2DBadB86B4404C257e5 resolves to arthereum.eth as well, looks like we have that stored in our system. If you search by address or arthe…, you can see.

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Search Filter Suggestions

  1. Alphabetical
  2. Newest Delegate

The way that it’s set up now it’s pretty impossible to be able to find someone if you’re just scrolling up and down.
There’s no rhyme or reason to the way that the names are sorted besides the weight.

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Oh that’s crazy. I can find it on agora just fine.

I do not want it to resolve to my main address so maybe you can also address that.

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Is there any estimate on when delegate discovery will be fixed ?

Will delegate discovery be fixed with an ample amount of time prior to our next vote coming up ?

I see millions of OP tokens are being delegated to the members who show up on the delegate discovery app first. Meanwhile I have only gained a few hundred OP in delegation after actively campaigning on social media and within my own community.

I definitely do not see these other delegates posting about Optimism on their social media profiles on a daily basis. I also don’t see them putting in any effort to comment on these forums. Are they being silent for a reason?

They put in zero effort to gain the tokens that are being delegated to them due to faulty UI that doesn’t sort the newest or most active members of the forums.

I suggest a biweekly podcast & twitter spaces is hosted by OP radio to highlight delegates who have less than .5% voting power.

That may be another way to display the delegates in the interface as well that will help with discovery.

Otherwise it doesn’t really make sense to have any sort of voting rights if the top delegates points keep snowballing. This has created an imbalance in the governance system. Anyone who has less than .5 % might as well give up hope.

I don’t have an estimate yet, it’s non-trivial and we have to be thoughtful how we solve this. We are actively working on it. We did enable sorting by forum activity that surfaces delegates by how active they are on the forum. I will update here once we have something.


I wanted to share a few new features we added to delegate profile pages that both token holders and delegates will find helpful. Delegates can understand their own voting behavior, how they are gaining/losing voting power and token holders can use this info to choose a delegate.

We also released an experimental feature called contrarian index that shows how often they have voted against the majority.

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4