Join the RetroPGF Projects Showcase!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming RetroPGF Projects Showcase, where projects participating in the upcoming RPGF3 will have the opportunity to display their work and accomplishments.

Each Showcase edition will take place on the Optimism Discord server and will be divided into four segments, each lasting 30 minutes, on the following dates:

Showcase #1: Wednesday, October 25th at 7pm (UTC)
Showcase #2: Wednesday, November 1st at 7pm (UTC)
Showcase #3: Wednesday, November 8th at 7pm (UTC)
Showcase #4: Wednesday, November 15th at 7pm (UTC)

If you are eager to showcase your project and be part of this dynamic event, we encourage you to fill out the submission form linked below, indicating your preferred showcase date: Optimism RetroPGF3 Project Showcase

If you have any questions or need further information, please leave a comment in this thread, and we will respond as soon as possible


Gm frens!!

:eyes: Quick update:

:fire:The first round of the Projects Showcase is already full and locked in. The second round is filling up quick too.

:memo: Register your project now: Optimism RetroPGF3 Project Showcase :white_check_mark:

Don’t wait any longer to sign up your projects! Slots are running out fast!


Nice; best of success to all participants!


Hi frens!!

Today is the day for the first edition of the RetroPGF Projects Showcase!!

Join us on the Optimism Discord:
We look forward to seeing you all there!


Showcases update!!

We’ve successfully concluded Edition #2, and for those who missed the live event, here’s the recording:

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re all set for Edition #3, which is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. We have an exciting lineup of projects joining us:

Don’t forget to set a reminder for the event here:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Thrilled to be joining for Edition #3 - thanks for including us!


:wave:t3: I’m sharing the recording of edition #4


gm, gm :red_circle::sparkles:

We’ve already wrapped up Edition #5, and you can listen to it here:

Now, we have only one Showcase left!!

We look forward to having you all next Tuesday at 12:30 pm (UTC).
You can set a reminder here:


Especially because we can understand the threshold or criteria that’ll “matter” to Optimism ecosystem.


Hey everyone! Here you can find all the recordings of all the showcases we made so far and all the projects that we featured. Thanks a lot for participating!!

Edition #1


Audience: 153

Featured Projects:

Proof of Integrity Optimism Agora

Fractal Visions Optimism Agora

Kiwi News Optimism Agora

Moonwell Optimism Agora

OP Medicine

Edition #2


Audience: 139

Featured Projects:

Agora Optimism Agora

Endaoment Optimism Agora

growthepie Optimism Agora

OP News by ETH Daily Optimism Agora

Optimism Community Calls Optimism Agora

UTU Optimism Agora

Edition #3


Audience: 90

Featured Projects:

ACryptoS Optimism Agora

Alchemy Optimism Agora

GasHawk Optimism Agora

Giveth Optimism Agora

Newtro Arts Optimism Agora


Splits Optimism Agora

Edition #4


Audience: 196

Featured Projects:

Bankless Publishing Optimism Agora

DeepDAO Optimism Agora

Defy Fundation Optimism Agora

HER LATAM _ Optimistas Brillando en Blockchain Optimism Agora

Modular Crypto Optimism Agora

OpenOcean Optimism Agora

Optimystics Optimism Agora

ROptimism Optimism Agora

Edition #5


Audience: 138

Featured Projects:

Bankless Academy Optimism Agora

BanklessUA Optimism Agora

Commons Stack Optimism Agora

Layer3 Optimism Agora

Optimism Univeristy Optimism Agora

ReveloIntel Optimism Agora

Web3ForGood Optimism Agora

Edition #6


Audience: 2900

Featured Projects: Optimism Agora

DappRadar Optimism Agora

Gadgeteer Optimism Agora

LXDAO Optimism Agora

Optimism University Optimism Agora

pairwise Optimism Agora

Token Engineering Academy Optimism Agora

XomNFT Optimism Agora

Edition #7


Audience: 95

Featured Projects:

API3 DAO Optimism Agora

Bankless Africa Optimism Agora

Blockchain na Escola Optimism Agora

LandTorn - Lorak

ROptimism Optimism Agora



Any chance this initiative will be extended ?


We organized these Showcases specifically for the third round of RPGF to provide a platform for participating projects to share their work. As today marks the end of this round, there won’t be any more editions. However, stay tuned for future initiatives and events!

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