Introduction to Meta Pool DAO - launching mpETH on Optimism

Hello everyone! This is the first post to introduce our DAO to the Optimism community.

Our first interaction with the Optimism platform was through the Gitcoin Rounds program, we supported the Gitcoin Round 18 for Latin America.

Here are the results from that Gitcoin round.

Thanks to @owocki and @Carlosjmelgar for all their support on making that happen and for introducing us to the OP platform.

We are really excited to have our liquid staking token - mpETH live on the OP network.

Taking the opportunity to give a shout out to the OP in Español community that hosted us today in a Spaces with the Velodrome team, in Spanish here.

This is just the beginning for a great collaboration between both platforms to make an impact in the Latin America region.

Lets get this started!


It was a pleasure to connect! Thanks for the invitation :heart_hands: @claudioac @owocki


Welcome @claudioac! :sparkles:

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