Increasing Africa's presence in Optimism Governance, Grants and RetroPGF through outreach and guidance

Grateful for your post @Carlosjmelgar

I’m Baah Kusi CEO of Hurisoft, a Web3 and AI company where we build interesting projects. For example which uses AI to provide predictions for football matches. We launched 6 months ago and already have 40k plus users with a success rate of ~ 80% on our predictions.

We are currently launching a supplementary product, a web3 based gaming platforms which features group games and challenges amongst players with possibilities to win money, a decentralized alternative to centralized gambling devoid of bookmakers. You can checkout a preview of our UI here . We are seriously in build phase, currently participating in backdropbuild, as we already have a user base from Soccersm that we can easily direct to this platform.

You can reach out to me via telegram @baahkusi.

Hey @Carlosjmelgar

I’m Anthony, leading BlockchainUNN, where we demystify Web3 for newcomers.

Our aim is to make Web3 accessible, providing education through sessions, workshops, and events.
Since launch in 2021, We’ve onboarded over 5000 university students in web3 introducing them to our developer, content and design focused sub-communities

We’re passionate about empowering the next generation with the knowledge to explore blockchain technology and decentralized applications.

Find me on X and Telegram @ndukaanthonya
Follow us at: (
Visit our website:

Thank you @Carlosjmelgar for opening this channel for us to introduce ourselves.

My name is Olayinka, I’m the founder of Black Women Blockchain Council and the Executive Director of our nonprofit Black Women in Blockchain. Though I come by way of Nigeria I live in the states. I’ve been involved in the blockchain space since 2015. I started BWBC in 2018 with the intentions of promoting women, in particular black women in this space. I’ve received some recognition along the way, but truly what matters to me is making sure that we do not repeat the failed systems we had previously in tech and traditional finance.

BWBC has had the privilege of partnering with a few blockchain foundations/orgs, notably ConsenSys. We’ve developed training programs and an initiative to onboard half a million black women blockchain devs by 2030. Our goal is to add value to the ecosystem by diversifying talents. I’m of the belief that teaching someone the “what and how” goes further into sustaining this space as opposed to doing it for them. I strongly believe in the grassroots movement of blockchain.

Our nonprofit BWINB was created in 2021 to help increase representation and diversity in STEM, including blockchain and AI. We are driven by our commitment to empower women to become leaders in blockchain. We have a fantastic group of volunteers and paid student interns who help push our projects and community initiatives. The blockchain community has been our biggest supporters and donors. You can find our annual report on the website.

Through Gitcoin, we were introduced to Optimism and we look forward to getting involved in the community and perhaps one day a delegate.

A little about me, I’m a tradfi native, spent years as a chief compliance officer. Master’s degree in cybersecurity and an author. Currently advising two projects one in ESG and another in blockchain healthcare. I’ve worked for both private and public sectors and am open to opportunities.

Feel free to reach out to me on here or through our email. I look forward to collaborating and championing more women, particularly black women into the Optimism community.


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Hello @Carlosjmelgar

My name is Abduquadri, I’m a product designer (UIUX), who also enjoys crafting contents in form of writing, graphics and video. I work in the web3 space as a UIUX designer and growth specialist.

Currently building GreenChain Africa; a smart-climate-agricultural project. The mission of GreenChain Africa is to provide unwavering support to the backbone of our continent farmers, as well as non-farmers interested in preserving the climate and ensuring the thriving of agriculture, by leveraging blockchain technology to provide this support.

We have adopted a holistic approach that integrates environmental awareness, community engagement, incentives and cutting edge technology.

You can reach out directly to me on linkedIn:

Project Link: @GreenChainA | Twitter | Linktree

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Thank you @Carlosjmelgar

I am Joan Jerop,Founder Memoi Africa, We are upskilling and onboarding African developers into web3 and other emerging tech, Memoi is in a mission of bringing the gap between African developers and global tech industries while creating opportunities.

Memoi has onboarded 5000 developer community, trained 1500+ through our bootcamps, hackathons, dev banters and Code Africa Conference.

Memoi has two products; Memoi Campus and edtech platform that focuses on upskilling African developers and Code Africa Conference a developer focused event that brings 2000 + developers from Africa and global to deep dive on technical subject matters.

Reach out on twitter:

Project Name twitter:
linkedln:https:MEMOI AFRICA | LinkedIn

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Hello everyone! My name is Liseli Akayombokwa. I’m a Web3 and AI advocate/educator and Co-Founder of ETHZambezi (currently in development). I’m also a multi-faceted creative and alpha tester at OpenAI. Our mission is to grow the Web3, Blockchain and AI community in Zambia and the broader SADC region. To lay the foundational stones for a robust Ethereum ecosystem, one that is characterized by widespread adoption, education, active participation, and innovative contributions to the African blockchain landscape. Through educational workshops, hackathons and an annual event, we aim to:

To cultivate a vibrant, cross-disciplinary community of beginners, developers, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and technologists regardless of background;
Demystify web3, blockchain and AI to the Zambian community;
To facilitate and transition Web2 developers eager to explore the vast potential of Web3;
To facilitate adoption of blockchain and emerging technologies in Zambia.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone in the group, and big thanks to @Carlosjmelgar for this initiative. Let’s do it for Africa.

Telegram & Twitter: @Lady_Light_Lsk
Link Tree: @Lady_Light_Lsk's link in bio | Twitter and socials | Linktree

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Gm Gm everyone. Lrdmnd here from an artist, author and polymath.
i am also the co founder of the about to be launched ETHZAMBEZI with Liseli akayombokwa
with our mission being teaching and onboarding Africans in sadc into the space. i am also an
AI advocate, especially its use in coding and the creative arts, and how programmers as well
as artists can utilize this amazing tool to their advantage. looking forward to interacting and
collaborating with everyone. GM

twitter : @veldndops
Telegram: @lrmdnd.eth
link tree: @lrdmnd's link in bio | Facebook and socials | Linktree

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Thanks for this initiative @Carlosjmelgar

I am Fady, a brand and marketing communications professional. I have now pivoted in web3 to leverage my skillset for onchain wins as a contributor/consultant.

I facilitate brand & marcomms for projetcs in Defi (@utuman mentionned the Africa Defi Alliance), Art (Le bois sacré, an art house base in Kenya), Pop up cities (currently assisting in Social Media for Zanzalu), etc…

I am looking forward to bridge francophone Africa to the rest of the world in order to empower our builders & reduce the learning gap due to the language barrier. Started a publication to share the learnings in the space: and currently revamping the approach.

You can reach out to me on X/TG/FC: Hellofady


GM! We are the Africa Defi Alliance alongside our sister organization, Africa Defi Labs. We started this journey in 2021 as a group of builders that wanted to build, support, and promote defi for real-world business purposes across Africa. Some of our accomplishments to date:

-United 23 core members and just over 100 in our community of Defi enthusiasts across Africa
-Organized two annual conferences as side events to ETH Safari in 2022 and 2023
-Run three pilots, disbursing nearly 15k defi-backed working capital loans worth $2.2M to ~1500 African micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Kenya and Rwanda.
-Supported the drafting of policy recommendations by the Blockchain Association of Kenya and IMF
-Designed and open lending protocol for building composable, parameterizable liquidity pools that support myriad B2B lending use cases
-Designed organizational structure for the DAO to act as a hybrid lending protocol and industry association for stakeholders of DeFi across the continent.

Details on all of the above can be found in our materials.

We’d love to see OP Labs become a member of the Alliance and are keen to run an upcoming pilot on Optimism and have begun exploring avenues to make this happen already.

ADA on Telegram

Hello @Carlosjmelgar, It’s great to see you amplify your belief and human connection beyond words. I remember our brief talk on the last few days of Zuzalu last year.

My name is Eric Annan, I am just a believer in collective growth. I have supported and contributed to the growth of this ecosystem behind the scenes and am currently the Founder at AyaHQ, a builder-focused community, converting skill talents with curated builder programs and incubation of projects to launch. Some of my contributions from Hyperlink by ConsenSys, Istanbul, link here: [The Journey to Train One Million Web3 Builders; the African Narrative | Eric Annan (, Blockchain Builders Association of Ghana (BBAG), EthAbuja, Web3Lagos etc
I am building public, you can reach me here: Eric Annan's Blinq Card

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The collective wins for all. This Twitter space had a lot gems shared

Hello Optimism Collective and thank you @Carlosjmelgar for this thread

I’m Thomas, a blockchain developer dedicated to leveraging technology for societal benefits and economic inclusion throughout Africa. I started my journey in the tech industry in 2019 and have since focused primarily on open-source software and public goods with social impact.

Currently, I am leading the SummitShare project, an initiative designed to facilitate the digital repatriation and economic restitution of cultural artifacts through blockchain technology. SummitShare aims to ensure transparency and rightful ownership, empowering communities by reintegrating cultural heritage into their economic and cultural landscapes. This project not only helps preserve valuable cultural histories but also supports economic development by enabling communities to benefit from their cultural assets.

For more information about SummitShare and to get involved, please visit our comprehensive resource page:

I am excited to bring my expertise and the innovative solutions from SummitShare to the Optimism Governance, Grants, and RetroPGF. I look forward to engaging with other members and contributing to our shared objectives within this vibrant ecosystem.

Thank you for the warm welcome, and I am eager to participate and make a significant impact together!

Countries that lack infrastructure and ecosystem should be given all the needed help to innovate, explore, build and market.

Thanks for the intro @Carlosjmelgar

My name is Seun Omololu and I lead the Technical and Business Unit at AyaHQ. I have over 7 years in a bag filled with building enterprise solutions across multiple industries in the African market. I am driven by the power of governance to guide how we interact with technology on the continent. I envision a future where Africa becomes a major driver and actor in the creation and utilization of Web3 technology.

AyaHQ is particularly invested in making this a reality through constant innovation and fostering an environment that allows builders to thrive…exciting times! Our community promises to onboard the next billion African users.

I am happy to keep the conversation going on X and Telegram: @seunpayne if you want to collaborate with the next big thing.

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Thanks for the intro @Carlosjmelgar

I’m Kosi, a designer, and I’m working with a great team at AyaHQ where we’re currently building solutions to empower African builders.

See what we’re up to here

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This is a great initiative. Thank you @Carlosjmelgar for spearheading this.

My name is David, the Founder of BitKE, the leading blockchain and crypto media outlet in East Africa and one of the leading on the African continent.

We have been spearheading awareness and education through our media outlet - - for the past 6 years during which time we have seen and contributed to the growth of the ecosystem from a few hundreds to having hundreds of thousands of entrants into the ecosystem most of whom are reading our blog.

We have become a gateway for thousands of new entrants every month as we continue to see remarkable growth year-over-year. We seek to continue doing the education and awareness work throughout Africa in the coming years through our various initiatives around publishing, trainings, and outreaches such as the African Web3 tour.

Please check out our work here: