I suggest to build a section on the forum or official website to warn the scam

Since I join the OP Collective, I received many scams about Airdrop#2, some of them using a fake website that seems very real, letting you connect the wallet to claim airdrop. And according to the respond under those posts, many people fell into it.

So, I suggest OP could build a section on this forum or on the official website to clarify the rumors that exist on the Internet (tweet or some platform else).

There are so many people who abuse it. It’s a big deal.

a reddit page would be nice

Agreed. We should have a presence on Reddit.

Yes, it’s not very easy but I think it worth to do.

Hey! Why on Reddit? I know there is a lot of users and activity there, there are subreddits talking about Optimism? That would be awesome

What can you do if you got scammed? Because i got scammed with a NFT, it transferd my eth. to his or here wallet?