How to keep an active community to create a decentralized space

Hey OP Believers and Enthusiasts,

I truly want and we all stay active and help create a lasting decentralized space. One way is to learn from other governance experiments happening of course, but believe the biggest fault so far has been the entry barrier created by complex and attention-demanding governance structures, which prevent people from participating.

Yes, we need such complexity for the growing and safety, also few small but relevant ways for everyone to participate is essential. Fair, decentralized governance is a complex issue for all to tackle and participate with our unique experiences, expertise, knowledge.

Also creating platforms to interact in language other than English for engagement and expression is essential to keep an active community to create a truly decentralized space.

What are the ways to keep people active and engaged?

What do you think would be a good way to keep people active?

Cheers and great week ahead!!


As someone suggested a monthly forum on updates, Weekly twitter Spotlight


Active participation and engagement


Tough task needs lot of focused strategies and approach

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