Create separate 'Community Sphere' in discord as per area of interest to govern new proposals

As we all know optimism ecosystem is growing fast and so new proposals are flowing in at an unimaginable rate and this is yet to grow in coming weeks as more users will join this ecosystem.

To tackle this situation and further govern new proposals properly, we should now focus on forming a sphere as per area of interest, and each sphere should be given a budget per quarter to spend from governance fund…

For example: To govern NFT ecosystem, we should focus on building ‘NFT Sphere’ with 4-5 leads voted by members of DAO, leads are subject to votes every quarter…(leads may change as per results of every quarter) And all the other participating members in an respective sphere should be given a role of contributor.
Same goes with other area of interest.

This approach not only help to govern ecosystem properly but also helps to take decision faster and efficiently and will help ecosystem to have some amazing products/protocol flowing in with time…

Thank you


Interesting point…

What will happen when the Spheres need to interact with each other? Could they combine proposals that has interests for both of them? And what will happen if they are in a tie in a discussion?

Great idea @Piyush

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Proposals that shares common interests can be posted on general section? :thinking:

There will be 2-3 members representing every community, if different communities wants to communicate they can just reach out to respective members and those members will be responsible to schedule a planned meet…

And if one proposal require multiple expertise: different communities will be working together as you said…

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Excellent! you have my support :muscle:

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Nice idea and I see it working long term, when were are more decentralized. As of now, creating a new funding channel will cause confusion, need more management and support from OP Team.