How do you change delegates?

Sorry, if this is off-topic, but I’m really at a loss here. I’ve searched everywhere, but I cant find the answer. I have some OP on an old (maybe compromised wallet) and I want to move it to another wallet.

I see that it’s currently delegated to someone. How do I un-delegate it? The section of the page that tells me who is currently my delegate has no button to “remove delegate”.

If I locate that delegate on the left, I can open up their profile section and there’s a button to Select them as a delegate but not one to remove them.

How tf do I do this so I can transfer my OP?



Simply re-delegate to any person you choose by hitting the delegate button again on the platform…
The one that you’re seeing here through the user interface that I captured is agora.
The tokens will automatically re-delegate to your new selection and you don’t have to do anything after that!

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