HOP Protocol Quest removal / modification

Hop quest is extremely demanding in comparison to the other quests.

Most are fun and gamified ways to explore and get to known interesting dApps and can be completed with $20.

Hop on the other hands ask for $2000 for 9 days. Or $200 (wich is still is 10x more than regular quests) , but waiting 3 months and everything in between.

This is just a liquidity grab by Hop team. Many do not have that money or time.


  • no user needs to get to know a bridge.
  • they are not even a native Optimism OG protocol. Synthethix quest can be done with 200~ and a week, and makes more sense they ask for that.

Hop quest is just for the benefit of the protocol and not the users. There is literally zero for the users in it

Cancel immediately.

Bonus: there were rumours that there was a bug at the start and people could mint the nfts depositing 0.1 usd. Those nfts are now selling on quix because people are speculating on the airdrop and cant complete the quest.
Hop teams deletes everything from their discord that mentions this.

PD: Im not very familiar with governance process. Im just puting this here and hope someone can move it forward.

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The quest should learn us how to use the platform, not to provide liquidity.
Fully acceptance

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If you don’t like the HOP quest,you could refuse to finish it,just to finish others which you think is easy.
In my opinion,18 quests should have Ladder standard to check user’s ability in different aspects.