'Holdooor' should be one tier of any future airdrop

Have seen a lot of discussion around this recently and wanted to add my 2cents.

Initially agreed with making dumpoors ineligible for future airdrops but think it may be a step too far as the token should be seen as both a.) Reward for supporting protocol early and often and b.) an opportunity to join the community via governance - and therefore they shouldn’t be too punished for doing what they want with the token.

Just an idea - people who sold more than +49% (have to consider selling for tax reasons after a claim) miss out on one tier/mission of any future airdrops.

This way we are not completely making them ineligible (which may have unforeseen consequences) but curbing the amount of tokens they will get; and likely dump again.


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Hey @madge80.eth !

Try to share this idea in the same post about the topic, just for the order of the forum and so we don’t have duplicate discussions about the same thing.

This is the post :point_down:


I sold my 271 airdrop and now I have 1000 OP.

The problem is not who receives the airdrop but the frequency.

I would worry less about airdrops and bet on the growth of the Optimism ecosystem.

Today I feel like I’m in 2020 Optimist has renewed the joy of being a pioneer. :heartpulse:

redundant w/ Airdrop #1 Feedback Thread