Hackathon OP x OnlyDust - Looking for remote judges!

Hey OP fam, OnlyDust’s DevRel here :sparkles:

We’re joining forces with Optimism for a hackathon in Mumbai on Jan 26-28. The idea is to build cool stuff on Optimism – new projects or add-ons to projects like Concrete, 0xFable, Cannon-rs, etc.

Would need 4 optimists willing to judge the innovation, utility, long-term viability and adoption of the projects that will be built this weekend. Anyone down?

:calendar: Jan 28, around 2:00 PM (IST)
:round_pushpin: Google Meet
:link: OPHacks - 3-day In-Person Hackathon at IIT Bombay 🎒 · Luma



Welcome to the forum. Happy to volunteer. DM me here on the forum or connect over telegram @chain_l

Also, I have re-categorized your post from Mission Requests to General as that will be the apt place for this topic.