Grants Council Reviewer Nominations: Season 5

Note: this nomination involves Joxes (myself) as a reviewer applicant. Based on our previous experience, including assistants and contributors represents added value to working groups in terms of expertise provided and time dedicated. For this position, we have established the role of assistant developer with experience in Web3 to accompany the reviewer. Please take into account that by no means a disclaimer of responsibility for the reviewer, but rather a collaborative way of adding more brains and expertise for the benefit of the Council.

Council sub-committee: Builder

If you are a delegate, please provide the link to your delegate commitment: Delegate Commitments [OLD] - #27 by Joxes

If you are a delegate, please indicate what % of votable supply is delegated to you: 0.31%

If you are a delegate, please indicate your voting participation rate in OP governance to date: 100% (113/113)

Please link to your voting history and any voting rationale you’ve shared: Agora Profile, Communication Thread.

Please outline any other contributions to the Optimism ecosystem to date: I and my delegation team have made the following contributions:

  • Members of Tooling committee in Season 2
  • Members of DeFi C committee in Season 2
  • Joxes’s badgeholder for Citizen’s House
  • We published the Token House participation and incentives: an extended analysis, later used for delegate rewards for season 4
  • We started Optimism Español (now a team independent of our delegation)
  • Two years dedicated to educating about Ethereum’s scaling solutions with SEED Latam (previously DeFi LATAM) and L2 in Español, including various technical introductions to OP Stack in several instances.

Do you have a technical background? If so, please elaborate:

Before Web3, I acquired a background in Metallurgical Engineering focusing on laboratory-scale research.

In Web3, my first steps as a contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem have been focused as a scaling evangelist, educating more people who are interested in Ethereum’s Layer 2 ecosystem from all fronts, both technical and non-technical sides. After founding L2 en Español, a community focused on technical aspects, giving workshops and publishing research articles.

In 2023, I joined Wonderland, a Web3 core development group under the role of researcher, working with partners in identifying new development opportunities, improving protocols, and reporting.

Have you previously served on a Token House Council or committee? If so, please specify which:

Yes, this delegation has been a member of the Tooling and DeFi C committees during Season 2.

Please demonstrate any experience you believe is relevant to this role:

SEED Latam has been involved in governance activities since 2022, with Optimism governance being the first. Since then, the organization has had four active delegations and participated as AVC in MakerDAO. Getting involved in different initiatives has meant a shared experience between the entire governance body and its various contributors.

On the side of this delegation we have actively participated in the discussions of the governance fund since the beginning of the Collective and participated in the committees of season 2.

Additionally, I have had a particular interest in understanding the OP Stack, carrying out several tests and studying its related architecture, and even presenting a workshop where I explained relevant findings to builders starting in the OP Stack development.

Please demonstrate expertise relevant to your Council sub-committee:

Inherited from SEED Latam, we have expertise in grant management, evaluations, and communication with external teams. This is complemented by our work done in the committees in Season 2.

Please describe your philosophy on what makes a good Governance Fund grant:

In general terms, a Governance Fund grant is good when:

  • Has a clear and well-defined definition of done.

  • Must resolve an actual need where the quality, uniqueness, or improvement is justified and delimited in line with the scope of the ongoing grants program.

  • Set realistic milestones accompanied by understandable accountability.

  • Disclose any difficulty considered or discovered during the application or execution of the grant on time.

  • Positively impacts the Optimism ecosystem and the collective with a long-term perspective in a cascading effect benefiting the majority of builders and users.

  • There are no limitations so that the work presented can be continued in any way or serve as a basis or reference for future projects following the same vertical, following the open-source philosophy.

What types of Mission Requests do you think will help achieve the Season 5 Intents?

We would like to see:

  • Tooling that helps decentralize pieces of the OP Stack and dApps itself, from core infra to frontends.

  • Improved UX via account abstraction and chain abstraction.

  • Integrations or “web3 version” of internet products, such as gaming, forums, social, and more.

  • More sophisticated educational programs that increase the number of OP chains deployed in all instances and contributions to its repository.

  • Use primitives like privacy in any of the intents to improve security and UX.

Please disclose any anticipated conflicts of interest:

Any related to the organizations: SEED Latam, Wonderland, L2 en Español and as well as any other that might be related to our developer assistant and contributors. Any identification will be duly communicated in the future.

Please verify that you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct : Yes

Please verify that you understand KYC will be required to receive Council rewards at the end of Season 5: Yes

Please verify that you are able to commit ~20 hours / week to reviewing grant applications and other Council operations: Yes