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Optimism Grant Data Aggregator showcase

Optimism has awarded more than 80 Million OP tokens to various projects building the OP collective. However the grantee data is spread across the Optimism forum and Charmverse. There is no easy way to get summary insights about the Grantees. There are around 400+ grants given across different programs till now. We set out to create a system where the Collective is able to easily get an understanding of the Grant program, is able to analyze the overall numbers with ease, and have easy access to all the grantee data.

For projects, grant an incredible boost to get recognized by OP collective in continuing to build the project, along with of course the financial incentives to build. For this reason, we also wanted an easy way for the grantees to be discovered. A simple user journey in discovering Optimism grants, without needing to dive into the forum.

So we came up with an idea to aggregate all the Optimism grants data in one place. Additionally, provides more filtering and analysis features. So we came up with a couple of cool things.

  1. Optimism Grants dashboard.
  2. Optimism Grantee database.
  3. OP Analytics
  4. OP Contribution ideas

The Optimism Grants Dashboard

A single point of reference to get a better understanding of the Grant program numbers. Get information on the total grant awarded, number of grantees, distribution of grants by cycles and more.

Note: We are still in the process of integrating RetroPGF2 data in the database, so the dashboard does not include the data for PGF2. Also more data inputs incoming, stay tuned for updates

Optimism Grantee database

A database of all of confirmed Grantees. Still a WIP, but the collective members should be able to get any required data about the grantees by just this page. The database offers advanced filtering options so that the users can get specific data that they want. For example, if users want to see all Cycle 10 winners in the Growth experiments in the DAO category that have won more than 50K OP, they can easily get the required data by just selecting the filter buttons. For this we made sure that we get as much data as we could so that the filtering system is effective. Thus you can filter based on

  • Cycle: Scoop out grantees from just selected cycles
  • Grant type: Builders, Growth, RetroPGF, etc
  • Grant amount: Is grant under 50K or above 50K OP
  • Tags: Defi, DAO, education, NFTs, etc
  • Search Bar: Directly search project by name

The database is still a wip as we continue to scan the forum for grantee data. But any feedback is appreciated

Database screenshot with filters

Individual Grantee data

OP Analytics

Collection of all important links to statistical and analytical resources relating to Optimism. Here you can find a list of major Dune, defillama resources to learn different metrics about Optimism and ecosystem.

OP Contribution ideas

There are various ways to contribute to the OP collective. The best way to explore the possible ways is to check out the OP contribution ideas on GitHub. The repository offers a list of all ideas that the OP collective wants efforts to be made. But GitHub database is not the best user experience and journey. This is why one of the contribution ideas is to have a better UI for the contribution ideas database. We present to you the OP contributions database on the site. The site periodically syncs with Github to match the data. Also allows for advanced filters enabling users to discover ideas easily.

We made this as a fun project to make data with some cool UI.

Read More:

Website & Dashboard:
Grantee Database: Optimism Grant Recipients
OP Analytics: Analytics
Contribution ideas: Optimism Collective Contribution Ideas
Grant3 works:


Very cool :sunglasses: what is the website?
We will utilize this for our grant accountability related work …

Very happy to see this. We need more information on where the OP has gone for many of the Grant recipients.


Hey @FractalVisions thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Will will keep improving so that the database provides more value to the collective. Here are some of the links to see the cool data. Let me know if you have any suggestions. We are still adding data so we will routinely share updates here🤘

Website & Dashboard:
Grantee Database: Grantees
OP Analytics: Analytics
Contribution ideas: Optimism Collective Contribution Ideas
Grant3 works:


Hey, thanks for presenting! Looks nice and glad to hear you had fun creating it! I like the UX and the feeling of it, as well as the OP analytics, and the grantees’ project data. Great effort overall and am looking forward to seeing more :clap:t4:


Hey @Rosmari thank you for the encouragement. We hope to continue in doing more cool stuff on OP ecosystem. Let us know if you would like to see something added on the site that could help the collective


Update #1 : Added details for Cycle 15 Grantees

Community members can now see a list of all projects that have been selected for Cycle 15 of the Grants Council. Cycle 15 Grant Recipients.

A sankey representation of the recipients. An interactive version of the graph can be found on this page

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Update 2: Data on 400+ RetroPGF Grantees added

Users can click on the RetroPGF filter button to view all the RetroPGF grantees. Additional details about the grantees can be found here : Optimism Grant Recipients