Gene - Delegate Communication Thread

This is a thread where I will offer my personal thoughts on developments within the OP ecosystem, particularly with respect to protocol governance in general and individual proposals specifically. I have been almost entirely silent up to this point due to my personal perceived lack of relevant knowledge, but have newly instantiated confidence that I do indeed have the right to a personal opinion due to my regular participation in the broader ecosystem, and my specific participation within 1 elected council and 1 appointed council. My reasoning for the change of heart is down to the revelation that what I have learned through continued effort and commitment to find a way to contribute, is indeed valuable and validating to other members of the collective. I now feel a certain civic duty and obligation to continue to participate with a renewed vigor in the hopes of advocating for the participation and inclusion of other voices who have not had the privilege and pleasure of contributing to governance activities and considerations directly.

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Welcome :pray: to the OP collective…!

The future is looking very optimistic.

Can you tell us a little bit about your track record history in the space or when you first discovered blockchain technology?

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