FranklinDAO (Penn Blockchain) - Delegate Communication Thread

Address or ENS: FranklinDAO.eth
Discord username: Juanbug#9225

Hello everyone! We’re FranklinDAO/Penn Blockchain (@PennBlockchain on twitter), a leading, completely student run blockchain organization from The University of Pennsylvania for both our undergraduate and graduate schools. The club currently has over 50 members and we’re expecting many more in the semesters to come!

We have committees covering Governance, Research, Education, Business Development, and Development/Web3. On the governance side of things, our team has different members leading governance initiatives for different protocols we have delegations for. Current Penn Blockchain delegations include Aave, Compound, Uniswap, DyDx, IndexCoop, Maker, etc. Each week, governance leads will share updates with the club about new proposals and we will all debate about what to do before voting with our wallet.

We’d love to be your $OP delegate as many of us have been closely following Optimism for a while now. Our weekly discussions combine graduates with years of expertise in many jurisdictions with many bright minded undergrads eager to leave their impact and names in Web3.

My view on the Optimistic Vision:
“Together, we will create the future of coordinated, collaborative cyberspace.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. The ushering in of a new digital democratic governance used to drive rapid and sustained growth is one that resonates well with us, and something we entirely support!

Languages I speak and write:
The member spearheading the Optimism governance initiative (@juanbugeth on twitter) is fluent in English and Chinese. However, our club members’ come from some of the most diverse countries in the world. Pretty much all of these languages are accounted for.

Thanks to everyone for starting this communication thread style. We will be following this style in the future as well to effectively voice our reasoning and opinions for our votes.


[Special Voting Cycle #9a]: Protocol Delegation Program &
[Special Voting Cycle #9a]: Grants Council

We voted YES & YES: Looking forward to the passing of this trial run for season 3! We eagerly await the creation of the grants council and look to run for a grant reviewer position as well!


Upgrade Proposal: Bedrock

We voted FOR: Looking forward to the Mainnet launch of Bedrock. This upgrade will bring many technical improvements to the chain and we’re very happy and excited to see the team’s hard work culminate!

Delegate Suspension: Fractal Visions

We voted FOR: We can only make assumptions with the information we’re presented and considering all, we think a temporary suspension is appropriate.

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Announcement to Optimism community from the governance team at FranklinDAO.

As part of an effort to strengthen our internal organization and operational security, we’re migrating our delegate profile (franklindao.eth) to a hard wallet at 0xCc878369b26127BD4bC1B0B465bC8bE9b92a4c62.

Our old address (0x070341aA5Ed571f0FB2c4a5641409B1A46b4961b) will remain active in protocol governance for the next month until June 15, 2023, so as to give everyone ample time to re-delegate their tokens.

We appreciate all of the holders that have entrusted us with their voting power and look forward to meaningfully improving the projects we all use on your behalf.

We are always accessible via the forums or Twitter @franklin_dao for any questions!

Thanks for this communication thread. I will check your twitter link.