[FINAL] Web3xplorer - A curated web platform to discover useful web3 apps, resources and tools

Although I’m a bit skeptical like some other delegates here, I actually think a one-stop shop to find web apps and resources on how to use them on optimism could be useful. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I myself rarely use the Optimism ecosystem (or web3 in general, for that matter). Most of it (that I can find) is DeFi and NFTs, both of which I’m not really that interested in (I’m not much of a trader). Trying to find web3 apps that might be interesting for me to use, and are still actively maintained, I’ve found is a bit of a tedious process. Most of the time it involves going to an app explorer and clicking through a bunch of different apps to see if one of them offers something interesting. I think if you include the in-depth categorizing and information of these apps and resources as claimed, it could be something different and useful. The one thing I would say, is make sure that as you add these apps/tools/resources, connect it to the Optimistic Vision. That’s really the purpose of this intent, and why you would be receiving funding.

I’m leaning towards Approve on this proposal in my capacity as rep of Blockchain@USC.

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