[FINAL] Season 4: Council Intent Budget Proposal


2 quick questions!


I see that the overall budget is 6m OP but when i do the math it looks like:
1M OP for builders
2M OP for Experiments
2M OP for RFGs
285k OP, 12k USDC for Council Budget
0 OP, 12.5k USDC for Operations

This adds up to 5.285M OP and 24.5k USDC (worth 12.25k OP at $2 OP) this is about 5.3M OP, but the budget is 6M… is there something I’m missing… What will happen with the extra OP in the budget?


There is a Mission template that was just released:

In season 3 we used these templates for builder and growth experiments:

Which template will be used for season 4? Is it going to be one of these, will it be fusion, or will there be a new template?