Governance Weekly Recap

Week of May 8, 2023


  1. Voting Cycle #12a is over, and all five proposals succeeded.
  2. Since the proposal for the Intent #2 budget passed, those who are interested in being Grants Council reviewers can now nominate themselves — until the deadline, which is May 17, 19:00 GMT.
  3. Voting Cycle #12b will start this Thursday, May 18, and run until May 31. Council reviewers will be elected during this period.
  4. The next voting cycle will also include a vote on the Foundation’s Year 2 budget proposal — a treasury appropriation subject to Token House approval. As the Foundation notes, the vote is mostly symbolic, as it already has the funds: “This vote is meant to introduce the Foundation budget approval process and set a precedent for future budget approvals.”
  5. Finally, as @lavande notes, “any Inflation Adjustment proposals will need to be posted with four delegate approvals by May 17th at 19:00 GMT” so that they can be included in Voting Cycle #12b. This includes the one from @polynya, which continues to receive commentary.


Voting Cycle #12b will start this Thursday, as noted above. It will include Council reviewer elections, a treasury appropriation proposal from the Foundation, and any qualifying inflation adjustment proposals.

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  • A “decentralized global coordination layer wasn’t built in a day,” or this week in Optimism
  • On OP Radio #30: Decentralized Identity with Ethereum Attestation Service
  • Worldcoin “commits to Optimism’s Superchain vision ahead of mainnet launch”

Governance Calls

A link to the recording of last week’s community governance call can be found in the original post. Stay on the lookout for details about the upcoming governance call, on Tuesday May 23.

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