[FINAL] RegenScore

Saw a comment from Lavande on discord so happy to give my two gwei.

  1. OP airdrop handling - could you share how would you define penalty ? and why?
  2. OP Delegate - i would put more focus there, targeted towards new delegate profile
  3. GTC Holder - No. How does holding $GTC add value ?
  4. Gitcoin passport score - rather than per passport point, do it in range 0-10 (X), 10-20(XX) and so on
  5. Gitcoin donation- My suggestion would be to focus on number of time contributed rather than amount, $$ is relative and donation should never be counted in $, not everyone is equally fortunate.
  6. Gitcoing project owner - I dont know how this work but will read and come back.
  7. Giveth holder- Please no, same as point 3

I am biased on below point -

Focusing towards public good, we should probably look beyond gitcoin grants. Its known fact that gitcoin grants were misused/spammed with expectation of some reward in future. But we have other events, in the past, where community came together to help and support good actors fighting the right battle, Polly nft minter and ZachXBT donators are two example.

Anything attached to identity should be wrapped in zk, I have a PR open at Sismo to wrap all Optimist NFT address into a Sismo badge, include that if you are planning to include PoH contract interaction. Both proves identity.

I would add -

  1. BrightID - not a big fan of attending zoom call but other might do it, give equal weight as gitcoin passport min passing threshold.
  2. Optimism NFT holder - same as above with equal points or even higher.
    All three proves identity, i would treat them equally.
  3. As mentioned here, more focus on Superchain interaction, Base, Zora, PGN and others.
  4. Add points for Optimism Mirror NFT minters, same goes for sound xyz
  5. Little debatable but I would also give points if an address has more asset(in $$) on Optimism chain compare to others.
  6. More bridged-in > bridged out (again in $$)

On notion I see many other criteria but my request to you and everyone would be to focus on our ecosystem first,at least first few iteration, we have so much to explore and try on OP Stack.

With attestation, my first priority would be to focus on identity(G Pass/PoH/BrightID/Optimism NFT holder) and then reputation($asset / chain interaction/ public good orientation) based on on-chain activity.

Fighting sybil should take priority over other with attestation.