[FINAL] Delegate Corner Podcast - Mission Proposal

Thank you for the continuous feedback and discussion!

I think you’re right on that, and that’s part of the reason why in my response to your first comment I wrote:

Unfortunately, with the way the missions are structured, I don’t think there’s a framework to have Critical Milestones represent impact instead of work. Two reasons for that IMO:

  1. Impact of content can, by default, only be measured retroactively, while mission proposals and the metrics we use for critical milestones are proactive. Missions are supposed to incentivize people to do work and deliver impact, while RPGF is meant to reward people for work they’ve already done - an important distinction to be made.
  2. Impact can sometimes be subjective. One might value the quantity of views while someone else might value the quality/“result” of the views. That means I might put out a video that’s seen by 10,000 people that do nothing as a result of the video, or I might put out a video that’s seen by 1,000 people, but 30 of them create a delegate profile as a result. How to judge what is most important if we’re talking about potential results that we have no indicator of?

I’ve read the post before typing my response here, but I’ll also drop my thoughts under it to keep the discussions relevant in the respective threads.

P.S I know it could have worked the other way, but it’s funny that just 2 days after I wrote my response, $OP’s price plummeted by >15%, and as a result, so did my potential grant’s value, at least for the time being.