[FINAL] Create and maintain the 'Optimism Vision Reservoir'

I’m voting yes on this proposal. The amount requested is small so I’m happy to be supportive of it, with input from my colleague Yesim Kaymak.


I will be voting yes for your proposal. It seems like it’s quite a nice value add to the ecosystem.


I voted in favour of this proposal, the amount is fair and so I am hoping to support more initiatives that add value at a reasonable cost.


Congrats on your proposal passing :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you! I am Jesse and I work at the Optimism Foundation as the lead of our Ambassador program. I would love to keep in contact with you to see how this mission progresses as I believe this would be an incredible on-boarding resource for our new ambassadors

Discord: reformed_normie


Hi and thank you for your message. It’s really a work in progress, still in the early stages. But I can already give you a link to the beta version ( :sweat_smile:) of the Reservoir (please don’t “over” share it for now) : Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

You’ll notice that it’s still quite dry & empty at the moment… but I’m going to upload resources more regularly from now on. (The ‘Glossary’ and ‘about me’ sections still need to be written. I’m going to link this to a proper domain name)

On a side note, keep in mind that I can’t devote all my time to it (about 8 hours/week as indicated in my mission statement), so it will take a little more patience to have a fully filled reservoir.


I love it :heart: I really like the extract and highlighted part with your notes. This will be really helpful, continue working hard!


hey! this looks quite good already and could be very valuable for the Optimism ecosystem.


Small Weekly Updates :

Notion Website is Live :sparkler: at https://optimism-vision-reservoir.com

New Entries This Week:

  • Added a dedicated page for the Retro PGF-Podcast by @Michael (Included notes on EP02 with @Gonna.eth ) : is it ok for you, Chiefs ?
  • Compiled a collection of six video resources around RPGF (to be continued)

  • Summary of Mark Tyneway’s ITW for the Green Thru podcast

Site Improvements:

-Added Forms for readers to suggest new entries
-Published an ‘About Me’ page

Roadmap for Next Two Weeks:

-Develop the glossary
-Officially launch the site with Twitter announcement
-Add a page dedicated to the Delegate Corner podcast by @Sinkas
& Continue to fill the reservoir with more content

All feedback is appreciated and welcome!


This is awesome! :red_circle: :sparkles: :slight_smile:


This is great, love your progress!


Amazing stuff! Let me know if I can provide you with anything (e.g the generic Delegate Corner graphics) for the reservoir.

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Bi-Weekly Updates

Notion Website is Live.

Added :

  • Entry : “WTF is Ether’s Phoenix ?”
  • Entry : "Ben Jones : “We’re not creating a Blockchain here. We’re doing something more.”
  • Notes and summaries for : Delegate Corner podcast & RetroPGF Podcast episodes
  • Newsletters page
  • FAQ page (In progress)

Roadmap for the next 2 weeks:

  • New entry around Coordination Failures
  • New entry around Superchain’s friends and the Optimistic vision
  • Upgrade FAQ (links, sources, new questions)
  • Continue to fill the reservoir with more content.

Wanted to let you know that I’ve been quite sick this week with a stomach infection. Unfortunately, this has made it impossible for me to make the progress I had hoped for on the Reservoir project this week. I’m really hoping that I’ll start feeling better in the coming days so I can get back to work in earnest.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Feel better :mending_heart: soon !!! Sending love from Colorado.

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get well soon! your health is all that counts.


Thank you for your kind messages. I’ve been through some challenging days, but I’m now near fully recovered and back to work on the Reservoir’s development. :+1:


Hi @latruite.eth!

As Season 4 draws to a close this week, we’re so excited to see how you’ve executed on your Mission! Please post an update for the community here outlining the milestones you’ve met this Thursday (9/20) by 19:00 GMT. Please include links to any final work products as we’ll create a final roundup linking to all Mission deliverables.

We also encourage you to sign-up for RetroPGF Round 3. You’ll be able to describe the impact of your Mission when you sign-up: RetroPGF Round 3 Applications Are Open

Thanks again for being part of this experiment and helping us build the Collective :heart:

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Hey Lavande,

The Reservoir is now online at : [http://optimism-vision-reservoir.com]

I’ve been consistently updating it, and as of now, here’s the breakdown:

Total entries (09/20): 37
Unique thematic pages (covering concepts, interview summaries, or talks): 8
Community-written resource presentations on RPGF: 4
Video resource presentations on RPGF: 6
Summaries and notes from Retro PGF Podcast episodes: 6
Summaries from the Delegate Corner podcast episodes: 8
Newsletter presentations: 2
Thematic FAQs: 3 (RPGF: 12 questions - Optimistic Vision: 6 questions - Optimism Collective: 6 questions)

Looking forward to the final roundup and excited to see the community’s contributions!


Thanks for the update @latruite.eth! Please not that all Missions will be able to showcase their work tomorrow during a dedicated Mission demo day on September 28th, at 16:00 GMT on the Discord mainstage!

Demo Day - Mission Proposal Edition September 28th 2023 - 4pm UTC

Show off your Season 4 Mission Proposal accomplishments and milestones:

  • Each mission proposal will get 2 minutes to present
  • Summarize your mission proposal
  • List your milestones and the results of those milestones

Apply here - (Discord):

Presenter Discord Handle → must be in the Optimism Discord
Link to your mission proposal