Fake OP twitter profiles creating chaos


There are many fake twitter profiles creating chaos and confusion. I suggest there is a unique disclaimer that helps everyone identify the fake with real.



Good suggestion, unique tag like a gold tick


Many have got rugged of this. Important to create a unique identifiable identity.


Necessary and important for users and stakeholders.


Really at this point the only thing people can do is to not rush to get into something or click on links because Elon isn’t getting rid of bots, which I thought he was planning to do. Also add extensions like Joinfire, Pocket Universe, Wallet Guard, Revoke Cash to your browser extensions and on mobile use Bitski wallet because all of this will help prevent you from getting phished or scam by telling you what you gave permissions to in your wallet and what will happen if you sign a transaction.


Often all fake accounts do not have a Twitter Blue subscription
So this is actually one way to tell if an account is real or not.

So really you just have to be careful.
Although I think there will still be people who fall for some kind of scam, but I don’t wish that on anybody


I have raised alarm in many fake accounts.

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It’s crazy how fake accounts constantly mention us. Elon really has work to do in this matter. He was supposed to fight against this, but it’s not that easy. Any solution will be useful for our Sybils too, so let’s wish luck to Elon! :slight_smile:

I actually support it, I hope Elon can eventually fix these bot accounts and scams
And also finally tweak the Twitter algorithms, because they are really suffering lately

But now I literally get mentioned every day in some scam accounts, I’m getting tired of blocking them lol

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