Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name : OPUser

Address or ENS: hailvitalik.eth

Discord username : nono#1218

Verification (Tally profile or tweet): Tally

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I want to be blunt about one thing, I started exploring OP ecosystem because of possible airdrop and was excited when I was part of it but after going through the whole announcement, I stumbled upon the idea of a new governance model. The idea of The Optimistic Vision and bicameral governance system changed my opinion on how I used to look at a project.

This is what was missing from the web3 space, an idea of giving power to the users, not just the token holder but everyone. You can be a builder, contributor, community member and working toward building a better digital and web3 space. An idea to make public good profitable with retroactive incentives. This digital space is moving quite fast, from Vitalik’s whitepaper in 2013 to roll-ups and zkp in just 8 year, we have come a long way, from Bitcoin P2P idea to smart contract to metaverse to digital identity but we don’t see any impact of this movement in physical world. With public good, we can change this.

With my application to be a part of delegate community, I want to part of this movement, work together, provide feedback, seek guidance and the same time guiding and offering help. This is movement where a project can be more than just a token and I want to make it happen. Sure, we might fall at first, but iteratively, we learn, and we will succeed.

If I have to say this in one line, I would like quote Vitalik’s opinion on this Governance model as I totally agree with him “Possibly the biggest attempt at non-token-holder-centric DAO governance so far. Excited to see where this goes.”

My view on the Optimistic Vision: This is one of its of its kind approach to incentive users on the basis of fairness ratio, where public good leading to incentives which in turn going to impact whole web3 space. There was a need to bridge the gap between crypto and physical world, and I believe “Optimistic Vision” can be that bridge.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  • This is a working constitution : “A commitment to experimentation”, this is what really motivates me, and I agree with this. Grow and evolve by doing experiment, iteratively.
  • OP Citizens and OP Holders will equally coexist within the Collective : This is yet to be seen, sounds good on paper but implementation can be challenging. Finding the balance between short-term incentives with its long-term vision would be a difficult task but again this a governance model of its kind, we need to see if we can do this with OP holder and OP Citizens. Four year is a long time in digital fast-moving space, and I am OPtimistic about it.
  • The Optimism Foundation will be a steward of the Optimism Collective and its early governance model : Yes, I agree with this, at this early stage some steering is necessary. Although, in long I would like to see a self-governing decentralized OP Foundation.

My Web3 interests:

DAOs, Events, Environment, Gaming, Governance

Languages I speak and write:

hi, en, de (intermediate proficiency)

My skills and areas of expertise: I am from TradiFi background slowly moving toward Defi and Metaverse. From past 6 year I am working in Project Management and IT Consulting domain. I manage and stir development of TradFi and Metaverse application along with doing market research on Gaming(Play to earn) and Metaverse.

My favorite Web3 projects: Decentraland, Metamask, Curve

edit 1:- changing name from L222 to my username on this forum(OPUser). Got some feedback that its causing confusion on the delegate selection page.