The Difference Between Individual and Project Applications in the Next Round of RPGF

Hey Jonas,Badgeholder and everyone
I’m looking forward to the next round where we might consider the option to differentiate between individual applications and projects in the Retro Public Good funding scheme. Why could this be a very positive step? let’s discusssssss

First and foremost, by distinguishing between individual applications and projects, we can provide more careful and specific attention. This allows badgeholders and the community to more easily assess and support initiatives that align with their respective visions and goals. In other words, it provides a more focused and in-depth approach.

Furthermore, with this differentiation, individual applications can find funding more easily and tailored to their needs, while larger projects can receive more substantial and targeted support. This creates a more dynamic and responsive ecosystem to various scales and types of contributions.

Next, this separation allows for more detailed evaluation processes. Individual applications and projects will be assessed based on more relevant parameters and criteria to their scale and scope of contribution. This can enhance transparency and ensure that every type of effort, whether big or small, receives proportional attention.

Finally, the benefit also lies in driving more active participation. Individual applications and projects might feel more motivated to contribute because they know there’s a funding path tailored to their needs. This can enhance the overall appeal of the Retro Public Good Funding program and encourage sustainable growth in this ecosystem.

So, by considering this separation for the next round, we can create a more inclusive, responsive environment and provide more precise support to contributors at various levels. Hopefully, this idea can enrich and further advance the Optimism ecosystem


This is my first round as a candidate in retro PGF.

I have had difficult time deciding whether I should apply as an individual or a project.
In the end my decision was in favour of the project since, in my humble opnion it had better reach and more impact towards the ecosystem.

I am wondering what if an individual application could have lower quorom and consequently lower funding. Maybe here is a potential for further research.


Yes! I agree with this idea too much
An Individual needs to be more grants!They are bring more impact in optimism


Hi @fujiar, @pfedprog, @Marcus01

I love your participation and feedback. Just want to make sure the right people see it. Could you add this here and follow the replies there please:


will do thanks @Gonna.eth