Butterbum -Delegate Communication Thread

Thought I would finally start my Delegate Communication Thread & Voting Rational Thread since the top 100 delegates have taken on greater responsibilities. It’s a privilege and a duty that I take seriously

I’m glad to see the experiments continue in season 5. There is so much happening its difficult to keep up, the fast pace is understandable and I applaud everyone who have put in the effort to get us where we are today, the progress is awesome to see from Fault Proofs live on testnet to the Superchain reality, which personally has been difficult to conceptualize it in its entirety. Its going to be interesting to see it come to life.

:raised_hands:Shout out to everyone building amazing gov dashboards and OP stack analytics, the info you share is invaluable and are important and I’m glad to see more analytics come out.

Voting Rational
After much thought as always, I have voted as follows…

Anticapture Commission - [For] A much needed initiative that is required in this industry

Code of Conduct Councils & Code of Conduct Violation: Carlos Melgar - [For] After much thought and reading comments I trust the foundation has done the necessary investigation into the matter for it to have made it to a COC violation vote. I am also happy to see a council formed to relive the foundation of this controversial distraction.

Security Council: Vote #1 - [For] I’m always for a move that increases decentralization, could use some more info to clarify but happy to experiment. I’m interested and a little concerned to see how this plays out but im happy to see the Foundation pushing towards a decentralized future, even if it moves slow in a tricky operation.

Season 5 Grants Council Operating Budget - [For] The sheer amount of reviewing done by council members warrants the budget

Developer Advisory Board & Ratify Developer Advisory Board Members - [For] This is a no-brainer for me the 6 members are well experienced.

Looking forward to the formation of these councils and commission in the next special voting cycle