Brichis - Delegate Communication Thread

Voting Cycle #14 (Aug 3 - 16, 2023)

Intent 2 Budget Proposal 2
Vote: For
Reasoning: I fully support this idea. It’s crucial to encourage people to build on Optimism and utilize it. Rather than seeing these resources come back, I’d prefer them to be used to benefit more individuals who have a desire to build here.

And in case you want to know about how my learning path is going…

During these dates, I /had the opportunity to participate in the Delegate Corner podcast with @Sinkas, as well as in the Espacio Cripto podcast (in Spanish). Here are the links:
Delegate Corner
Espacio Cripto

And, I also had the chance to conduct my first workshop on the fundamental concepts of Optimism governance and a step-by-step guide on becoming a delegate (in Spanish) with H.E.R. LATAM.
Optimistas Brillando en Blockchain