Bedrock Downtime - What to Know!

In preparation for the bedrock update, Blockchain@USC wants to do our part in educating the ecosystem about the upgrade, particularly regarding the upcoming downtime, so that everyone is properly informed. If you have resources or additional information to add, reply below!


The Bedrock release1 implements a modular architecture that separates the OP Stack2 into consensus, execution, and settlement components. The OP stack allows for an easy conversion of an Ethereum execution client into an Optimism execution client in under 2,000 lines of code. This upgrade provides simplicity and EVM equivalence, enabling maximal use of Ethereum’s battle-tested code, improved performance, and security. As the Optimism ecosystem undergoes the Bedrock upgrade, stakeholders within Optimism including accounts, projects, and DEXs, should prepare for up to a 4-hour downtime3 (Note: if you hold ETH on Optimism, your ETH is safe!). Deposits, withdrawals, and transactions on the legacy sequencer will be temporarily halted during this period to ensure a seamless hard fork; the new Bedrock chain will retain the same chain ID, transaction history, and state.

Node Operators

Node operators4 should be prepared to update their clients to accommodate for any new infrastructure introduced with the Bedrock upgrade. DApp and wallet developers must be aware that all transactions on Optimism will be paused during the upgrade, but post-upgrade, the network will resume with all data preserved and continued compatibility with existing tooling.

Stakeholders and Users

Stakeholders and users should exercise caution during the upgrade. Users are advised not to make transactions during the 4-hour delay and close positions and trades that may result in automated transactions. They should also consider removing liquid positions and staked tokens, while bearing in mind that bridging out of Optimism is not necessary as token ownership should remain unaffected. Proactive planning, testing, and adaptation to the new upgrade will minimize any negative impact and ultimately lead to improved node performance, lowered transaction fees, and enhanced EVM compatibility.

Please be wary of MEV transactions after upgrade, given the four-hour downtime; interactions with the blockchain are at higher risk of getting front-ran.


The upcoming Bedrock upgrade will undergo a four-hour downtime; stakeholders should proceed with caution during this period.

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