Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my request for input /discussion. I value both your perspective and the time taken to share and the opportunity to respond w where I’ve landed on this since original disclosure. I would love to vote for TEAcademy hence the nomination and under a typical COI I would confidently vote, having disclosed the situation.

However, for me, reputation is another matter entirely to simple interest. It’s much more than NFTs and a current contract. Reputation is me. My sense of reputation is intrinsic to who I am, it’s not determined by an NFT, nor how I am portrayed or sometimes perceived.

Reputation = Me = Values

Now I recently learned my values present an open attack vector. But attacks do not change who I am nor the values on which I operate - integrity, service, collaboration, excellence, gratitude, solutions, transparency, accountability, faith…values I consistently try to live by and upon which my reputation stands.

I always invest my reputation where I work because my values are the basis with which I choose where to invest my time and talent. I volunteer and contract w TEAcademy I can’t subtract reputation without removing myself. Maybe this is naive &/or ego, hence the attack vector idk it is what it is…

I abstain also because I trust others might also recognise some value in TEAcademy teaching the ethical responsibilities, rigour and discipline of token engineering via free education and OP scholarships. Happy to trust the wisdom of other optimistic citizens on this. Que cera cera