RetroPGF Round 2 Voting Rationale

This process has been a wonderful crash course for me in the amazing talent of the optimistic collective. Having limited

  • information and prior knowledge of the majority of nominated projects
  • limited time to fairly assess, to the (pedantic) degree I typically would

I have elected to vote for all nominees based on only the information provided in the project discovery profiles while also accounting for my personal user experience.

What this means is that my allocation is in many cases below the OP value I would allocate using a less standardised [randomised] approach yet a clear process allowed me to

  • minimise bias through broad funding distribution
  • assess & fund value creation on terms that I best understand
  • support smaller teams, community growth & diversity

No doubt there are many other forms of value being created however this scoring profile reflects elements of value creation that I am confident to assess

Purpose Percentage Rationale
Infrastructure 0.00600 Base score, all teams
Education 0.00300 Base score, all teams
Tooling 0.00300 Based score, all teams
Value Percentage Rationale
User 0.00075 Support my web3 journey
OP 0.00075 Optimism specific focus
ETH 0.00050 ETH specific focus
Team 0.00050 Smaller teams < 16 >1
Build 0.00050 Supports builders
Other 0.00050 Discretionary allocation
Community 0.00030 Expands Collective Community
Diversity 0.00030 Expands Collective Diversity
Governance 0.00030 Governance Application

Voting Outcome

Based on this voting rationale I was able to allocate 0.97330. The remaining 0.02670 was split three ways to the top-scoring project in each category by adding 0.00890 to “Other” allocation. My top-scoring projects and unadjusted averages for each category are as follows


Note I have abstained from voting for TE Academy

Project % Score
Kernel (Adjusted) 0.0163
ETHGlobal 0.00570
0xPARC 0.00530
Week in Ethereum News 0.00530
RadicalXChange 0.00510
Optimism Ambassador collection 0.00490
Optimism en Español 0.00490
OptimismArabia 0.00490
Support NERDs collection 0.00490
Translators collection 0.00490
Unadjusted Score
Mean 0.00380
Median 0.00380
Mode 0.00300
Range 0.00290
Project % Score
Solidity (Adjusted) 0.01900
Blobscan 0.00830
Erigon 0.00830
Infinitism (ERC-4337) - Account Abstraction 0.00830
MerkleTreeJS 0.00830
Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) 0.00830
Vyper 0.00830
Unadjusted Score
Mean 0.00770
Median 0.00780
Mode 0.00780
Range 0.00280
Tooling & Utilities
Project % Score
Commons Stack (Adjusted) 0.01710
Agora 0.00610
Gitcoin 0.00590
TypeChain 0.00580
Snapshot 0.00570
Otterspace 0.00560
Hop Protocol 0.00560
Pairwise 0.00540
Quark ID 0.00540
Attestation Station Interface 0.00530
Slither 0.00530
Smock 0.00530
Unadjusted Score
Mean 0.00450
Median 0.00450
Mode 0.00450
Range 0.00370

Given the approach I’ve taken, my thoughts are that if we include more binary questions and required more specified (quantitative) answers then much of the work to quantify funding allocation could be automated


  • Is your project primarily Optimism focused Y/N
  • Is your project primarily Ethereum-focused Y/N


  • what resources were committed to work completed in the current funding period (quantify all that apply)
  • what sources of funding do you currently have access to (quantify those that apply)
  • what level of funding do you see as a fair reward for the impact delivered (select funding range)