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OP Bulletin: Redstone and the Superchain, RetroPGF verification, ACC new members | Apr. 4th

This week brings a shorter newsletter after last week’s RetroPGF, Collective Feedback Commission and Onboarding OP Chains announcements. Let’s begin!

TL;DR - top news of the week

  • Redstone :handshake: Superchain
  • RetroPGF 3 verification powered by EZKL
  • Anticapture Commission welcomes new members
  • Catch up on The Collective DAO Resources
  • MACI-RPGF round on OP Sepolia
  • Mission Requests Review period
  • Ongoing discussion: upcoming Retro Funding rounds

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News

Redstone :handshake: Superchain

Redstone, the chain for onchain games and other applications building on the Superchain is approaching mainnet launch on May 1st. As the date approaches, the Redstone community, including projects like Small Brain Games and Moving Castle, will debug and battle-test their apps on Redstone.

Read the announcement

RetroPGF verification powered by EZKL

The @ezkl team worked on proving the correctness of RetroPGF 3 results through a cryptographic proof. This aims at confirming allocation corresponds to votes cast by badgeholders while maintaining the privacy of these votes.

Through EZKL’s website you can now run proof verification in your browser. You can also tamper with the proofs and OP rewarded to verify they fail or succeed when changed.

Read and provide feedback | Website

:newspaper: Governance News & proposals

Anticapture Commission welcomes new members

After re-evaluation of ACC membership criteria, three new members, @itublockchain, @Griff, and @she256, joined the commission. These individuals met the new criteria:

  • They maintained a voting participation of at least 70%, with more than 3 votes cast.
  • Delegates who cast their first vote in 2022 were eligible with a voting participation of at least 65%.
  • They have received retro rewards for their contributions to governance.

The Anticapture Commission represents the interests of individual delegates, and prevents actions that may result in the capture of the Token House by any one tokenholder or group of tokenholders.
Announcement | Learn more about the ACC

Catch up on The Collective DAO Resources

Through the Path to Metagovernance, the Optimism Collective will gradually take on more governance and system responsibilities, facilitated by the Foundation. As part of this roadmap different initiatives will further involve the Collective in DAO design.

The path outlines the importance of building shared context in DAO and governance design principles. As part of this process, The Collective DAO Resources open-source useful principles and processes to begin building this shared context. If you’re interested in getting involved with governance, next week’s community call will include an overview on these resources.

Check out The Collective DAO Resources | Optimism Governance Calendar

:dollar: Grant News & Discussion

MACI-RPGF on OP Sepolia

In February, @samajammin proposed a project to add private bribery-resistant on-chain voting for Retro Funding upcoming rounds. The RetroPGF stack would be integrated with MACI, a privacy-focused on-chain voting platform. User registration, voting data and poll logic is stored on-chain, while tallying the votes would be offchain with ZK Proofs to guarantee its correct execution.

A Retro Funding powered by Maci would bring security benefits to voting: improving transparency, ensuring badgeholders cannot be censored or manipulated and users cannot verify how any specific user voted.

This Tuesday RPGF-MACI deployed on OP Sepolia testnet, and you can now demo it:
Read the proposal | RPGF-MACI demo

Mission Requests in Review Period

Submission period ended on Mission Requests round 2.

We’re now in the Review Period until April 24th, when the Grant Council will post the Grant Review Roundup. This roundup will feature the finalists selected for further consideration during the Decision Period.

Ongoing discussion: upcoming Retro Funding

As described on last week’s OP Bulletin, the 2024 Retro Funding rounds were announced.

The Collective will allocate 850M OP to Retro Funding from the initial token supply to reward impact across Optimism, and the Superchain. Each round will have specific scopes and two evaluation experiments will be implemented to evaluate the scope’s different types of impact. These adjustments address the Collective’s feedback to reduce and clarify the scope. The announcement also aims at sharing scope and experiment information with time to bring more previsibility into the process.

The announcement continues to spark comments from DAO members particularly surrounding projects that may no longer qualify for 2024 Retro Funding rounds, as well as inquiries about the evaluation systems in place.

Announcement | Read the discussion

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

No active proposals at the moment.

Upcoming Calls

  • Grants Council Office Hours [Monday, April 8th]
  • Collective Community Call [Tuesday, April 9th]
  • ACC Office Hours [Thursday, April 11th]

You can add Optimism governance calls to your calendar here.

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